A Prayer for God’s Grace

Good Morning Gorgeous,

I woke up tired this morning. Alarm went off earlier, and my weariness was deep in my bones. To rise at that time felt impossible. So I laid in bed and prayed and drifted back to sleep. There’s grace for these days. Just a short year ago, I would push myself past the exhaustion and rise anyway. This season, I am leaning into Jesus on those mornings and accepting His grace.

His grace fills the gap. His grace equips me and allows me to do things I could never, ever do alone. His grace equips my hands and feet for the spaces He is calling me into. His graca also allows for sleeping until 5am when I really needed to rise much earlier. His grace takes over and makes a bridge between where He is calling me to go and where I currently stand. The bridge created by His grace allows me to travel farther with Holy Spirit than I could ever dream of treading alone.


Your grace is all we need.

Your grace is sufficient for my weakness.

Your grace just gently stands in the gap when I fall short.

Your grace picks my head back up, brushed off my knees, and puts me back on solid rock.

Your grace empowers me to move into space and territory that I never could have entered alone.

Your grace has given the undeserving gift of salvation.

Your grace has mended me.

Your grace has anointed me..

Your grace has freed me.

Your grace has given me the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Your grace has saved me, freed me, strengthened me, empowered me, and equipped me again and again.

For each season, you have met me with a matching grace. You have never left me to go at this life alone, and You never will. You give gifts in great abundance. Teach me to flee to You in even greater measure.

In Jesus’s name, Amen.

8 thoughts on “A Prayer for God’s Grace

  1. amen. I need to hear this over and over… He brought to mind – “Martha, you worry and fret and get distracted by so much, but few things are needed and Mary has chosen a better way…” You confirmed that message, thank you. x

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