Puppy Update: Our Goldendoodle at 4 months

It’s been 2 months since we brought Maxwell home, and it has been a wild few months.

Here are 10 random thoughts on owning a goldendoodle pup!

1. Our home has become baby proof again out of necessity.

2. He finds the strangest things to play with even though he has a monthly pup box subscription as well as frequent trips to the pet store that have filled every corner with his toys.

Here are some baby pics of Maxwell!

3. His current faves are:

  • Sticking his head out of the window on car rides
  • Catching tennis balls, but not actually returning them
  • Following me everywhere I go. He follows me from room to room laying down at my feet wherever I am.
  • Stealing food from the edges of the table
  • And showing off his new trick of jumping on my bed

4. He can sit, lay down, stay, leave it, and come.

He pretends he doesn’t know how to come when called whenever he gets out front! Instead, he beelines down the street several houses and then looks to see who will play chase with him! I haven’t figured out how to break this habit…..

5. Maxwell is an absolute joy, but a serious amount of work. I am so glad we waited to say yes to a puppy after the littles were all out of the baby stage. He still gets me up in the middle of the night to go outside, but as I head out back, I know this puppy season will fly by and I will miss it. Last night, he needed to go out at 1 am, 4am, and then 6am. So he is still very much a baby in that area!

6. Maxwell is an F1 goldendoodle, and so far he is nonshedding. I know that no dog can be 100% nonshedding, but as far as I can see with my eyes, no hair comes off of him. He has alot of hair too!

He sits on my lap, the couch, my bed, and so far I don’t see dog hair. I’ll keep ya posted after he gets his adult coat.

7. He is awesome with kids. A little rough at times when they wrestle with him. We decided we think he thinks the three littles are his siblings.

Here is a video of Nia just loving all over him. You can see the patience he has for her.

8. Goldendoodles have to be groomed! So, build that into your puppy budget. Yesterday, he had his first grooming visit. Here is the before and after pictures.

9. The goldendoodle just may be the perfect dog! At least for us!

10. If you have been considering a goldendoodle, they really are amazing companions. Easy to train, very loyal, and the low to non shedding tops it all off!

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      1. I bet so!! I’ve written a few very similar …devoted to each of our Yorkies and then one to our Chihuahua!!
        Vanessa thank you sooo much for praying over my messy situation with my friend yesterday. I was able to enjoy my evening with family and friends and stay focused last night at our fall party. I wish my friend would have been there but I assume envy kept her away. I really need God’s guidance and direction in where to go from here because this is the third year in a row she’s pulled this…heartbreaking!!

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