Does fear mean you lack faith?

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. We are gifted a brand new beginning each morning, and we can decide from the moment our eyes start to flutter open that this will be a day to trust in the Lord.

A day to trust that He is more than enough to meet every need, even the needs that make you want to cover your face and hide. Sometimes the very parts of us that need a touch from God the most, we try to hide from Him.

Of course, He knows everything anyway, so this is in vain, but often our nature is to cover that which we view is shameful.

The irony is that the very One we try to hide from is the One who can heal us and set us back on solid ground.

The Lord is abundantly more than enough for every transgression, every sorrow, every area of lack, and every area not yet producing fruit.

I had a dear friend tell me that someone told her that her fear showed a lack of faith.

Someone else told her that God was mad at her and maybe even punishing her.

These two statements got me thinking about how many of us feel the same way at one time or another. That our fear means we lack faith or that our current situation is God’s wrath.

Friends, both of these statements are not only untrue, but believing them can be damaging to our walk with Jesus because they cause us to flee and hide from the One who can help us.

When Adam and Eve sinned, the first thing they did was hide from the Lord in shame. He called to them. He looked for them. He desired them. They hid because of their sin and their lack of revelation that the Lord could and would provide them with a covering.

In His great mercy, He provided clothing for them that He made. Even through His broken heart that they had sinned against Him, He created a way for them to be covered. And even though, they would leave the garden, He continued to desire His people. He continued to pursue them in love. He continued to make a way for them to be in relationship with Him.

And continually throughout the Old Testament, God made a way for people to return even after grave sins.

And then came Jesus! The ultimate love offering. The Lord Himself would leave the throneroom of heaven, take on human flesh, and defeat the power of both sin AND death over His people. He took the punishment for every sin, every transgression, and everything that had previously separated God’s people from Himself.

So that now, we can call on Him anytime day or night with no other mediator.

We can flee into His arms when we fear the darkness in the earth.

We can run to Him and be assured that He will gather us into His loving arms.

We can rest assured that He is not angry with us.

He desires you as a loving Father desires to have His child with Him so that He can care for you, comfort you, instruct you, lead you, guide you, mend you, cover you, and protect you.

When a child is afraid, it doesn’t mean that they have a lack of faith in their parents, it means that they NEED their parents.

When my kids are afraid at night, they do not have a lack of faith in me. Rather, they want to be with me.

How do I know this? If I allow them to come into my bed OR if I stay in their room with them, they are no longer afraid. So their fear has nothing to do with a lack of faith, rather it is an indicator that they need me.

Your fears, your struggles, your mountain, or your anxious thoughts, do NOT indicate a waning faith. They are an indicator of a need for Your Papa.

And all you have to do is call on Him.

Lord, I’m afraid. Come..

Lord, I messed up. Come.

Lord, I need You. Come.

Lord, I’m hurting. Come.

Lord, this is overwhelming. Come.

Lord, this is heavy. Come.

Lord, I cannot even stand up alone. Steady me..

Lord, I cannot speak alone. Anoint my tongue.

Lord, I cannot walk. Hold my hand.

Lord, I am frozen in fear. Breathe on me a fresh strength and a steady calm.

The Lord will deliver you from everything that battles against you. He can come and calm your fears, settle and anxious heart, silence racing thoughts, remove the heaviness of shame, and heal your broken heart.

These things do not indicate a lack of faith, but a great need for the Lord to be Papa in those areas. Just as my children call for me in the night and I come running to them, you can call on the Lord to help you face any fear. As you call on Him, “Lord, I’m scared.” You are acting IN faith by crying out to Him. My kids call my name in the night because they know I will come. Better yet, sometimes they just run to my room and jump in my bed, crawl under the covers and into my arms. Their fear just means they need me in that moment. And when you fear, it just means you have an opportunity to run to the Father and let Him hold you, steady you, and strengthen you. He promises to uphold you with His Hand.

And He promises to be there in the darkest valley.

Lord, You alone are enough for my EVERY need. There is absolutely nothing I face that is too big for You. Even my death has been conquered so that when I close my eyes here on earth, I shall open them and be with You in heaven. So I don’t need to fear any battle in the earth, yet when I do feel fear, I trust that You are enough for me. You are enough for every need today. You are enough for me.

In Jesus’s name, Amen.

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