Tribute to all Teachers during Covid-19.

Good Morning Gorgeous!

It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. A new beginning! We are gifted one each day. It’s Friday, and I am excited to have the honor of spending today with four of my fellow teachers as I share a writing training with them. Anytime I can be with my teacher peers, I find myself sharpened and encouraged and stronger.

And teacher peers are a special type of people. Teachers all across the globe have just experienced such a seismic impact to their field that returning to work seemed impossible. Yet, they did it.
Our district returned just a little over a month ago, and what I have witnessed in the field of education has marked my heart with pride for my profession.

Dear Fellow Teachers across the globe,

Just 6 months ago, you never saw what was around the bend.

You didn’t know that you were about to have an enriched vocabulary that was to include words that you had never known existed like social distancing, Covid, contact tracing in schools, definition of contact, homeconnect, bitmoji classrooms, and more!

You didn’t know that you would soon be sent home with no notice, and then told  to virtually instruct for the remainder of the school year without access to most of your curriculum.

You didn’t know that zoom and Google meet and other new technologies would become your bridge to connect with others.

You didn’t know all summer what August would bring.

You tried to imagine every scenario. You spent hours upon hours trying to solve all the various problems that would be there upon your return. Endless possibilities played in your teacher brain. You weren’t sure how this would ever work.

Yet, you bravely showed up and made the absolute impossible happen.

You weren’t sure how you could make the classroom fun with all the added protections, yet you made it happen.

You weren’t sure how to make kids feel loved and comforted from 6 feet away, yet you made it happen.

You had no idea how to connect with parents, you you creatively made it happen.

You didn’t know how to make mask wearing not so scary, yet there you were making it happen.

You didn’t know how to get kids interacting when their desks were in rows and set apart, yet there kids are connecting before your eyes. And your lessons and leadership made it happen.

Teachers in varying roles, you had no idea how you would fit into the new policies. You didn’t know how you would continue with your special programs, your speech therapies, your art classes, or your music lessons, yet here you are making it happen in hallways, on traveling carts, through zoom, and other creative measures. You are making it happen with some of the most brilliant solutions I’ve ever seen.

You didn’t know how you would survive this new school year, yet its underway and you are showing up every day bravely making it happen.

You had no idea how to switch every lesson to an online platform when you learned you would be teaching virtually this year, yet here you are rocking teaching and making it happen.

Teachers, your world literally flipped upside down and inside out. Yet, your resilience shined for all to see when you chose to show up and make magic happen.

You are among the most resilient, innovative, creative, dedicated, and passionate people on the planet.

I thank you for your dedication and your love for your students. They see you. We see you. You are a miracle worker as you make the impossible become possible every day.

Dear Heavenly Father,
Thank you for every teacher across the globe. Thank you for appointing them and gifting them especially for this hour. Breathe fresh new strength into their bones and their spirits and give them all they need to move beyond surviving to thriving in this very season. In Jesus’s name, Amen.

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