Do you need a miracle?

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh new start.

A new sunrise will be breaking forth, and today is a new day for your miracle.

Have you been praying for the same mountain to move, and yet it is still staring you in the eye?

Are you weary of the struggle?

Is faith becoming harder to muster?

Even in the hour of unanswered prayers and years of struggle, be ready for the Lord to give you instructions.

He may ask you to battle in a fresh new way like so many examples in the Old Testament where He would give directions that didn’t fully make sense like marching around the city of Jericho or sending an army of worshippers ahead in battle.

But sometimes, He may ask you to act in faith by trying again the same thing that has yielded nothing in the past.

He may breathe strength into you to get up and try afresh something that has failed again and again.

This time, as you faithfully try one more time, your faith may release the breakthrough.

Imagine toiling all evening for your pay, and at daybreak you come up empty. Hour after hour, you worked and hour after hour, your labor was unfruitful. This is exactly what happened to a group of fishermen from Galilee. They fished all evening and came up empty. There were no fish. No fish meant no money for their labor. They were done with their work and washing their nets when Jesus came and asked to borrow their boat. They willingly handed over their boat at His request. He got in and pushed it out just a little and taught the crowds from there. He spoke with authority and revelation.

After he had finished, He encouraged one of the fishermen, Simon Peter, to try again for fish. He told him to get back in his boat, relaunch it into the water, and put the net into the water once more. He gave him an instruction to try yet one more time the very thing that had come up empty time and time again.

Simon Peter was brave and bold enough to tell Jesus that they had already done that all night with no luck.

But Simon had encountered Jesus that day. He had listened to Him teach all day. He had encountered the Lord, and when that happens everything changes. Something shifted inside of him. Simon Peter obeyed the word of Jesus.

Even though his logical mind was saying, We have already tried to exhaustion. There are no fish to be caught. We are tired. Our nets are clean. We are done for the day.”

His faith was great enough to say,At Your Word, I will try again.”

His faith was abundantly rewarded!

He obeyed the instruction of the Lord. He went back out to a previous unfruitful sea. He lowered his net back into what was previously barren. He did what seemed pointless. He tried once more. And when he pulled up his net, a miracle had transpired. There were more fish than the nets or the boat could hold. They had to get help from another boat and two more men to hold all the fish! What changed from the previous night when they caught nothing? Now, they had encountered the living God! Everything changes with Jesus involved

Gorgeous Friends, just because the season has been dry and unfruitful, that doesn’t predict your future blessing.

When you partner with Jesus, dry bones live.

When you partner with Jesus, what was barren produces life.

When you partner with Jesus, fruit appears, fish overflow, and breakthrough can come in abundance.

They had fished all night and caught nothing, so even a few fish would have been a miracle. Jesus went way over the top! It took two boats and four men to bring in all the fish!!

He did a similar thing with His first miracle when He turned water to wine. He didn’t just produce wine, but He turned the water into the finest of wine.

We serve a Lord who gives lavishly and abundantly, and it’s not always financial.

He gives such radical peace that its beyond human understanding.

He gives joy in full measure.

He gives His Holy Spirit so that we are overflowing with life.

And the best part of the story! Even when they received what they wanted to overflow, Jesus was still so much more desirable than their physical blessing. At His invitation, they left everything behind to follow Him!

He gives them it all, and they just want Him. Me too. I just want my Savior and all He is calling me to do.

He gives them a brand new occupation. A brand new purpose. Their identity is no longer in their day job! Their identity is in Jesus and what He has called them to do. From now on, they will catch men for the kingdom of God instead of fish. Their old occupation served temporary purposes. Their new occupation of fishing for men would bring eternal reward!

If you have tried and tried and tried again and keep coming up empty, turn to Jesus and invite Him afresh into your situation. Ask Him to come and speak instructions into you. He may ask you to try one more time, but this time in partnership with Him. He may give you Holy Spirit wisdom to try it a new way. He may reveal to you that He has called you for something greater.

There are so many treasures in this story! Flee to Jesus, and just like Simon Peter willingly gave Jesus his boat so that He could preach, give Jesus all you have. In your handing over your boat for the purposes of Jesus, the Lord will faithfully come and work supernatural miracles in your life. A life fully submitted is a life that is primed for divine intervention. Notice Peter gave the Lord his boat earlier in the day and then later obeyed His instructions even when they made no sense. The takeaway is to submit fully to Jesus and be ready to move when He speaks.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You for this precious account in the bible. It reveals Your heart for Your people. It reveals how You work in our lives. You call us forward, challenge us to give you what we have, and then you abundantly multiply it for eternal purposes. Help us to be like Simon Peter, willing to leave it all for a life spent with You!

In Jesus’s name, Amen.


Vanessa Lynn

9 thoughts on “Do you need a miracle?

  1. Good Morning Beautiful Lady💐

    This story is so relevant to my life right now. My weight loss had stalled for over a year. Then quarantine happened & I like many others put on some weight. BUT I trusted God & the medical team that He brought to me. If I continue to at my current rate, I will be at my goal weight before Easter. This is a true, miracle indeed!

    Thank you God for helping me to get healthy!

  2. This will so preach. Do you need a miracle? Have you set and listened to the words of Jesus. The Holy Spirit bringing them to fruition. You have then what I would call God’s Miracle Ear. If you are not willing to listen then you won’t learn. If you listen you learn, you yearn, you earn God’s favor. It will spurn revival in your life. Seek him while you can find him, follow while you can. If we say we love the Lord with our whole heart then the proof is in the pudding. What does that mean? In the original phrase it said: the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Willing to listen, willing to eat then you will be blessed. No man ever should halfheartedly approach God and expect wholehearted results.

  3. Your words are so full of truth and hope!! For me, its hard to see the mess sometimes when God is so miraculously good..and this can be a good and bad thing because I never want to become numb or unaware of the mess and ugliness in this world, and the fact that people don’t know Jesus…it’s just that I’m so encouraged by God’s word and faithfulness in my life that sometimes I spend more time in praise than prayer…definitely something I need to find balance in!!!

    1. I also spend alot of time in praise and have to consciously also make sure I am praying and the big one for me.. listening to what He says back. 🙂 Sometimes I pray, but don’t pause and listen. I don’t think there’s a formula, but you used the right word, balance! 🙂 Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Always nice to chat with you!!

      1. Yes you’re so right….listening to what God says back!!! Easy to complicate what He’s whispering (or sometimes yelling) and sometimes just downright hard to know what He’s saying. Wish there was a formula for that too but it keeps me wanting more of Him either way!!

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