“My promise is Complete”

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh new start!

A new day to talk to the Lord and expect Him to talk back!

Wearing a mask can have all types of downsides. But, I have found quite an upside! I can pray under my mask at work. Each morning, I work on the car ramp opening doors for our students and greeting them. In between carloads, we wave the cars in. I have found that I can stand there waving cars in, smiling at people, and praying out loud under my mask with full gusto!

So, there I am praying and having great conversations with Jesus while directing traffic.

Monday morning was a tough morning. Sometimes the enemy attacks my devotional and writing time. It’s hard to explain it fully, but I have come to recognize the signs as extreme weariness and heaviness that make it hard to rise in the early hours and get before the Lord. It can last from one morning to weeks. So this Monday, these feelings hit me, making it hard to get up at my normal time, and I was frustrated about it.

When got to work, I was praying on the car ramp. Just inviting God into the battle and asking for His help. That He would lead me and break off any enemy attack, cancel any assignments from the enemy, and direct my paths where He desired them to go. As I prayed, ideas of things God wanted me to write about began to flood my mind. They were raw topics that held some conviction for me, but the Lord was gentle as He put some things on my heart. Deep in this conversation, as I turned around, there was a full and complete rainbow over the school.

My promise is complete.” He impressed it right into my spirit. I stood there in awe of how clearly He spoke that one sentence. “My promise is complete.”

This morning I searched for all the places in the bible where the Lord spoke of “promise” and I landed in Galatians. The revelation in Galations is astonishing.

Paul is writing with passion and fervor. He is frustrated that the Galatians church who have previously received Christ and the baptism of the Holy Spirit are now also adding the Jewish customs and laws onto the requirements of the people. They are adding requirements to salvation on top of recieving Christ by faith and being justified by faith.

Paul is explaining the purpose of the law in the Old Covenant was always to point people to their need for Christ. And he is preaching the FULLNESS and COMPLETNESS of the salvation of Christ. And here’s the mindblowing part! He speaks of Jesus as the promise. Jesus is the promise given to Abraham.

Because of Jesus, those who believe in Him, are redeemed and given the same full inheritance as the original promise given to the Jewish people through Abraham. Just as Isaac was the child given by promise by the Lord, we too are children of the promise because we were grafted in by our faith in Jesus!

We being children of the faith are recieving the full and complete promise of inheritance that was spoken in the desert to Abraham. Abraham believed God and it was credited to him as righteousness. Even though Abraham fell short of the law in his lifetime, He recieved righteousness by partnering with belief in God’s Word spoken over him.

We, being under the New Covenant, because of Jesus’s life, death, and resurrection, have also been credited righteousness and a holy inheritance because of our faith and partnership in the Word spoken over our lives by Jesus Christ.

The promise is fully complete in Jesus! Nothing is lacking in the promises of God. He promises a Savior all throughout the Old Testament and then He himself becomes our Savior. He walks the earth as fully man and fully God, and becomes victorious over sin and death to give His people the fulfillment of His promise of Salvation and the seal of the Holy Spirit! It’s a complete and total promise and it has already been fulfilled.

Friends, we are the children of promise! When we accept Jesus by faith and partner with His will for our life, we receive the complete promises of God. Nothing is withheld from us!

The Lord is goood! He is holy. He has had a plan for your life since the beginning of time. He knew you before your birth, and He chose you to be His. He chose to give His promise to you full and complete while holding nothing back. He didn’t even withhold His own Son from His people.

You can trust EVERY promise spoken in the bible. Not a single promise will be forsaken. Every one has come or will come to pass.

The Lord’s promise is completely fulfilled through His Son Jesus. The Lord Himself who dwelt among men and has compassion on His people. He broke down every wall separating His people from Himself and now dwells in the hearts of men and women who accept Jesus Christ into their hearts by faith.

Walk today with the assurity that God’s promises are enough for anything you face. Any enemy attack, any daily struggle, any family issue, it’s all covered and cared for by the Lord through the power of Jesus Christ. JESUS is the complete and total fulfillment of every promise spoken by the Lord. And through Jesus, all who trust in Him become children of the Living God and given full rights of His power and inheritance! What a promise! Totally complete and lacking nothing! That’s how God works. He leaves no promises unfulfilled.

Dear Heavenly Father,

I am in complete and total awe of You! Your promise is complete in Your Son Jesus. You gave it all for me. You gave it all for Your people. You extended the nation of Israel to include all people who put their faith in You and Your promise. The complete promise of Jesus Christ. Any other promise apart from Jesus is lacking, but through Christ the promise is complete. Thank You Lord for Your mercy, compassion, goodness, kindness, and unconditional love. Lord, help us to receive the promise of Jesus fully and completely just as You gave fully and completely. Teach us to open our hearts and receive the full measure of Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit, our holy inheritance. In Jesus’s precious name, Amen..


Vanessa Lynn

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  1. What a blessing to be an heir to the promises God made to Abraham.
    You have a beautiful smile little sister.
    Were there any alligators around when you were welcoming children to school?

    1. Thank you Matt!!! Nope, no alligators. But my students are studying the Florida Everglades. This is the only place in North America where both crocodiles and alligators are found naturally living together….. 🙂

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