What does it mean to be the salt of the earth?

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. A new day to rise and move in a way that you are seasoning and lighting the earth.

Right after the powerful Sermon on the Mount where Jesus preaches the Beatitudes to His disciples, He looks to them and speaks such powerful words of life to them.

If you read it too quickly, it sounds like nice encouragement. If you slow down and allow the powerful words to sink in, you see that these words are affirming and life giving, and ALSO are a Holy assignment to the people of God.

Jesus looks to His people and declares to them that they are the salt of the earth and also the light of the world.

To be the salt of the earth is a HOLY assignment given to ALL followers of Jesus directly by Jesus! He spoke the assignment!

Have you ever made a homemade meal without salt? It lacks luster and the flavors are bland. I make a variety of homemade soups, and without salt, they are pretty boring. I add some sea salt or even just table salt, and zing, the flavors pop! I can taste all the vegetables in full, and the other spices also seem magnified. I am speaking to homemade foods, because boxed and canned foods pack a ton of salt and don’t need any extra.

Some people are afraid to cook with salt. We’ve been trained by health experts that it’s bad for us. When you are cooking fresh foods, the small amount you use is necessary to bring out all of the yummy flavors and you actually use a lot less than what you will find in other prepared and packaged foods.

Actually, salt is quite miraculous. It’s been used as a preservative throughout the ages. So it both flavors and preserves the earth.

When Jesus calls us the salt of the earth, He is charging us with living in a way that is attractional and desirable to others. He is calling us to take our lives and be such a source of truth, generosity, and love that people around us are seasoned by us. That people want to experience more.

Also salt makes us THIRSTY! Is your life making others thirsty for more of Jesus? Do they hear you talk and want you to keep going thirsty for more of your testimonies about the goodness of Jesus? Do they watch how you react to situations and wonder how you can be so kind and collected even in the middle of controversy at work? Do they see how your peace is never shaken regardless of circumstances?

As we live a salty life, people are drawn to learn more about who we serve. They are curious about what makes us that way. They see us and they desire to also know Jesus.

Also, salt is a preservative. Your assignment is to flavor the earth AND to preserve it. You can preserve the ways of the kingdom by the way you raise up your family, how you walk in truth, and as you cast your vote. As you vote, you can vote to preserve and protect the ways of the kingdom. The way you spend your time, your talents, and your treasures can be used to preserve and protect and further the kingdom of God. You can hold onto the ground already won for the kingdom and preserve it for your children to then take it further and spread the borders even farther.

As Christians rise and each lean into the ways of the Lord and truly invite Holy Spirit in to help us live like kingdom people, the ways and truths of the Lord will be preserved in our lands.

How can we salt the earth? What does it look like?

We can’t do it alone. Its too tall of an order. Its too large of a Holy Assignment. Anytime, Jesus calls us to what seems impossible, we can invite the Holy Spirit to lead, equip, and fill in every gap where we fall short! Jesus promised the helper, the advocate, the Holy Spirit to guide us in all truth and to give us the equipping grace to carry out the elevated life that God is calling us to.

There are many ways to salt the earth, and Holy Spirit can show each of us what it looks like personally. As I thought about being the salt of the earth, I thought about the fruits of the spirit. Being the salt of the earth is really about demonstrating Jesus to the world who desperately needs Him.

And the fruits of the Spirit, put Jesus on display in our lives.

And with the help of the Lord, we can grow in our Spirit in all these things so that others become thirsty for Jesus!

So to be the salt of the world means to live for Jesus in every area of your life so that He is on full display.

It means to walk in a way that preserves the truth of God’s Word.

As you live out the salt life, people around you become thirsty for Jesus!

Dear Heavenly Father,

You have called us the salt of the earth. This calling comes with great responsibility and assignment. We recognize that we could never be the salt of the earth apart from You Jesus. Lord, fill us with Your HOLY Spirit and enable us to be all You’ve called us to be. Equip us to do all you’ve called us to do! Lord, make us a salty people leaving Your flavor everywhere our feet tread!

In Jesus’s name, Amen.


Vanessa Lynn

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  1. I love the thought that my salty life makes others thirsty! Thank you. May they be thirsty only for Jesus and to want the living water. Thank you for that Vanessa. x

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