Dating my children: Miss Nia’s date

My Gorgeous Friends in Christ,

Do you have special traditions with your children?

One of ours is date days. With five kiddos in the house, almost everything from what to watch on tv to what we will eat after church on Sunday is up for negotiation and compromise. The kids have to make alot of “group” decisions.

So, as much as possible,we spend time on mini dates with each of them. These little moments in time have become so special to them and also to me. They are a time set apart for one on one conversation. They are a time to show my kids that they matter and are valued as individuals.

And, they get a short reprieve from having to come to a consensus with their siblings. They get to pick where we go or what we do within reason, and they get my undivided attention.

A few weeks ago, the Lord clearly told my Spirit that my children are my 5 talents from the parable of the sower. That they have been entrusted to me by the Father, and I will be called to account for how I sowed into them and how I sowed them into the kingdom. I am called to both care for them and also to plant them into fertile soil that I have tended, intentionally fertilized, watered, and spent time preparing so that they can grow up strong and bold for the kingdom of Jesus.

And it’s no small task. It’s a responsibility that weighs heavy on me. Then Jesus comes along and reminds me to let Him help me. That He will carry the heaviest part of the burden, and my role is to keep my eyes on Jesus and my ears listening for Holy Instructions. And He has clearly called me to invest my time, energy, and my gifting right back into my children.So, instead of being afraid of this high calling, I just keep returning to Him again and again.

As I do that, He shows me how to train up my children in the way that they should go.He shows me pockets of time that can be used to teach His ways and He shows me creative ways to love on them and make them feel treasured.

My son Bentley had to write vocabulary sentences this week. One of the words was present. He wrote, “I am a present from God.”

He knows that he is a gift to me from the Father. I pray to help him remember that truth his whole life through.

Date Days is one way God has shown me that I can really connect with them. And the dates come at all different times. I steward the moment whenever a moment can be captured!

Yesterday morning I found a moment just for my sweet Cornelia Grace!

I dropped all the kiddos off at school, and instead of taking her right to daycare, we headed for breakfast! She was so excited! As we were driving, she asked me if there would be candy at breakfast. I told her no, but that there were pancakes. This made her smile!

As we arrived, she shyly took a seat and looked around at everyone. We picked a local Cuban Restaurant that is so goood. I gave her a menu and described all of the yummy choices.

She settled on pancakes and french fries. Yep, french fries at 8:30am definitely mean it’s a special day!!

As Nia and I sat together, I asked her some fun questions. Her answers were so precious.

We spent the rest of our time just talking and sharing coffee.

Nia fed her baby french fries dipped in ketchup. Right in the middle of breakfast, she looked up at me and said, “Mommy, I love you to the moon and back.”

As we were cashing out, our server asked if Nia could have a lollipop. So, Nia got her candy at breakfast after all!

And on the way to her school, we talked about Jesus. I would say a statement about Jesus and she would repeat it. As we were pulling into the parking lot of her school, she was saying, “Jesus is my King!”

It was a morning to treasure. And these are the moments that I could so easily miss if I don’t intentionally set apart time to invest in my children’s lives.

Dear Heavenly Father,

I am so thankful for Your strength and Your guidance in raising up kids for Your kingdom. Thank You for standing in the gap when I mess up and fail as a parent. Thank You for being more than enough for me and for them. Thank You for each of them. They are gifts straight from Your throneroom. Each was an answered prayer. Lord, equip all of the parents that read this blog. Equip Christian parents across the globe to sow intentionally into our “talents” that You have entrusted to us. Whether our children are in our home or already grown up, show us ways to strengthen our relationships with them so that they are receptive to Your Word and we can train them up in love the way that they should go. So that they will never depart from it. In Jesus’s name, Amen. .

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  1. Oh my! So sweet!! Love her answer for her favorite Disney princess.โค๏ธ
    Thank you for sharing your special time.
    We do a โ€˜kid of the monthโ€™ and rotate each month, so during that month that kiddo gets special privileges: picking out the family movie, sitting up front in the car, dates with mom and dad etc.

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