How do I Memorize Scripture?

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh new start. A brand new day to rise up and treasure the Word of God.

A new day to place it in high esteem.

A new day to believe that God’s Word is as powerful as He says it is.

A new day to begin storing it up in your heart.

A new day to start somewhere on the journey of scripture memorization.

If you missed my blog post on Why is it important to memorize scripture? You can read it here.

Many of you shared a heart for wanting to start or already having a system in place for memorizing scripture.
I think one of the struggles with memorizing scripture is that it seems like such a large and daunting task. 

There are so many scriptures, and where does one even start?

As with most things that seem hard, the benefits are many. I believe if we push through the discomfort and really make this a priority, our walk will be blessed in a multitude of ways!

First things first, we cannot do this apart from Christ. With His divine enablement through His Holy Spirit, we can do all of the hard things He calls us to.

So, step number one is to take this to the Lord in prayer. Let Him in on the journey with you. Ask for His help and His grace. Ask for His guidance in choosing scriptures. Ask for Him to provide the time that you need to devote to memorization. Ask Him to give you a heart thirsty for His Word. Ask for Him to remove any roadblock that makes it challenging for you to memorize His Word.

Next, where will you write them? Choose a place to write them down. Some people have shared that they use index cards, post its, notebooks, or journals. Pick a place where you will write the scriptures. You can also take notes electonically on a device, but I encourage you to also handwrite them in one location on cards or a journal or post its. As you handwrite them, it helps the brain to memorize.

Where and How will you study them?
This is going to be so personal. Each of our lives and learning habits are so different. There is no right or wrong way, but there are few ways to make it easier. Commit to working on your memory verses daily. Start with at least 15 minutes and commit to that fully.

As you study them, read them aloud and include the chapter and verse. Read the chapter and verse at the start, say the scriptures, and then repeat the chapter and verse.

Repeat, repeat, repeat.

In addition to writing them, you can also speak and record them on your phone, and then play them back in the car while you drive, as you cook,  before bed, when you wake up, or anywhere that works.

Put them in multiple places!  Keep your index cards or journal close to you throughout the day. Carry it in your purse or briefcase, but also place them other places! Bathroom mirrors, photo scriptures in your phone that you can read and share, audio files you can play back like I mentioned, and around your house in picture frames. I have a friend who even writes them on her car windows with white car chalk.

Be humble. Even if you already know a great amount of scripture, trust that the Lord still has more for you. There is still a renewing of your mind through His Word, and He may be calling you into a new season with even more of His Word woven into you.

This journey has SO much treasure from heaven ready to be released into it. Will you join me in this committment by praying about it and gathering your supplies of index cards or a journal?

The next blog post on this topic will dig deeper into the question of what scriptures to focus on for memorizing. Again, this journey is personal and between you and Holy Spirit, but I will share more about a list of scriptures from that was shared with me by Pastor Chuck who writes a blog as well at

I will also share scriptures for different seasons and needs like: faith, worry, loss, His promises, etc.

The Lord tells His people  never stop reciting His Word, to think about them, and to do them.

Let’s take Him at His Word and trust His instruction.

Dear Heavenly Father,
We come before You and ask that Your Hand would be upon each of us and that You would equip us with Your grace to memorize Your Word in such a way that it becomes part of our being. Let us soak in it so that we are filled to overflow with Your Written Word. Let us value and treasure it in such a way that as we memorize it, we thirst for You in a brand new way. In Jesus’s name, Amen.

Vanessa Lynn

6 thoughts on “How do I Memorize Scripture?

  1. yay! I have my first scripture – “I will contend with those who contend with you, and your children I will save.” Isaiah 49:25. that looks a great place for me to begin. Thank you for the encouragement Vanessa. x

  2. I really like idea of speaking them into your phone and then playing it back!! Awesome idea!!!!
    Great post and sooooo important! Especially as things seem to be changing in our country, scary truth.

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