Week 4: Scripture Memorization

Good Morning Gorgeous,It’s a brand new day. A fresh new start. Happppyyy Sunday!!For those of you joining us in memorizing scripture, I am sharing this week’s verses.If you are just starting, it’s never too late to begin a new habit.If you missed some previous weeks, no worries. You can start here. :)There are 2 verses per week. I post each one with the full verse, and then a second one with just the first letter of each word. You can use it to test out your progress.The topic this week is: Prayer Verse one:And the memorization tool:Second verse:And the memorization tool:Dear Heavenly Father,We commit this endeavor into Your Hands. Please equip us with the grace needed to memorize Your Word. Help it to be weaved into our spirit, so that Your Word is part of us and we cannot be separated from it.In Jesus’s name, Amen.Blessings and Peace,Vanessa Lynn

3 thoughts on “Week 4: Scripture Memorization

    1. Dawn, I am feeling the same way. But, just a few minutes each day add up. I don’t have them all memorized yet. Each week when you add the new ones, you still study the old ones each day. Take your time. And give yourself tons of grace! You are doing great!

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