A Home for Jesus

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh new start. A brand new day to rise and feast your eyes on Jesus.

Turn to Him, and let Him be the healing you need today.

Turn to Him, and let Him be the truth you need today.

Turn to Him, and let Him be the strength you need today.

Turn to Him, and let Him be the courage you need today.

Turn to Him, and let Him come and minister to your needs today.

Jesus is the Lord. Through Him all things have been created, and through Him all things are sustained.

As you walk with Jesus, you are walking with your Creator and also Your Sustainer. The One who will be with you always. The One who is over all Creation, and at the same time knows you closely and desires to be in close relationship with you.

He stands and knocks at the door of every heart waiting to be invited in. Knocking and waiting for us to have ears to hear the knock, and boldness to open the door and invite Him in. He says that whoever opens the door and invites Him in, He will eat with them.

And then, there’s a deeper call after that initial meal. There’s a call to obedience. There’s a call to listen to His Word and let it transform us from the inside out.

Jesus doesn’t ask us to just obey a set of rules as we may have been taught. Its not about dos and don’ts. It’s so much more than that.

Jesus asks us to invite Him into our hearts in a way that His Word begins to shift and shape our minds. His Word begins to refresh us and quench our thirst. His Word begin to be our daily bread and something we cannot live without. His Word begins to be the filter by which we view and interact with the world around us. And he summed up all the law and the prophets with two commandments.

Love the Lord with all your heart– no exceptions, no other gods, no idols, no divided heart, just an all consuming, all in, Jesus has all of me and my heart kind of love. A love that is so wide and far and deep that you are forever changed and don’t wanna go back.

And the 2nd greatest commandment,

Love others as yourself. A generous, love that is patient and kind and forgiving and honoring and respectful and completely counter to the ways of the world. A love that is sacrificial and puts others ahead of yourself.

Jesus said that as we seek Him and seek His ways, all other things will be given to us. That’s because as we seek Him and His righteousness, He actually comes and makes His home in us!

My friend Matt shared this revelation Saturday during our blogger chat. That as we follow Jesus and walk in obedience, the relationship becomes more intimate and personal. Jesus doesn’t just come and eat with us, but He stays! He makes His home in us.

And the most beautiful, amazing, glorious truth is that He doesn’t expect us to do this alone. He equips us with Holy Spirit to enable us to love God, love others, and live holy lives through His strength not of our own might.

Holy Spirit is our advocate, our helper, and our seal. Holy Spirit allows us to live holy lives unto God that we could never accomplish alone. Holy Spirit instructs us, guides us, corrects us, and empowers us.

Gorgeous Friends,

We have been called forth and set apart. We are a Holy people whom Jesus has chosen to be filled with His Spirit and equipped for every good work. Jesus is inviting each of us to have a meal with Him to get to know Him and then to fully follow Him and allow Him to make His home in us. We become the walking temples of the Holy Spirit.

And that is amazing! God is so close to those who place their trust and obedience in Him that He comes and makes a home in us. He is walking with us through every dark valley and every high mountain. He is strengthening us, equipping us, healing us, and guiding us. You are NEVER alone. You are never left to figure out life’s struggles by yourself and you are never left to carry heavy burdens by yourself.

Turn to Jesus afresh this morning. Open the door again and ask Him to come and sit with you. Share a meal and allow His Presence to touch the pain, the loss, the trauma, the feelings of inadequacy, and the needs of your heart.

And then invite Him to stay and teach you whatever He desires for you to know. Ask for fresh revelation of His ways and His desires for your life. He has healing and instruction for you today!

Dear Heavenly Father,

Teach us what You want us to know. Guide us where You want us to go. Correct us as when we need it. We submit afresh to You today. We open the door and invite You in again and we desire to walk closer with You than ever before.

In Jesus’s name, Amen.


Vanessa Lynn

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