Happy New Year! Let’s Read the Bible Together!!

Good Morning Gorgeous!

It’s a brand new day. A fresh new start. A new day to rise and flee right into the arms of your loving Savior!

A new day to seek Him and find Him.

A new day to soak in His Word.

A new day to learn about the Savior who willingly left heaven and took on human form for you. Yes you.

A new day to release all you’ve heard about Jesus and instead meet Him in His Word.

A new day to study His life and how the church spread rapidly round the world.

A new day to read the rest of the story!

A new day to discover the power of the Holy Spirit.

A new day to find out for yourself who Jesus was and is and how you fit into the story.

Or if you’ve already read the bible again and again, it’s a new day just to be dazzled and amazed all over again!

Each new year, I start a bible reading plan in January that has me in the Word all year long.

Last year, I read the “As it Happened” Bible plan which has you read the whole bible in one year, but the books are read in the order that they actually happened in history.

The year before I read a plan that had me read a little Old Testament and a little New Testament each day.

Another way to read the bible is called Canonical. This simply means in order from Genesis to Revelation.

This year, I am planning to focus my bible reading on studying in depth the New Testament. In order to catch up at the end of the year, I sped through the New Testament this year and am still wrapping up my last plan. I am sooo close to finishing, and plan to finish today.

Since, I rushed through the New Testament last year, I am going to slow way down this year and soak in it fully four times!

Let me explain, I found a plan in the Bible App that has you read the New Testament in 90 days.
That is totally doable, especially since this plan only has a devotional at the beginning of each new book, and the rest of the focus is just on the Word.

I plan to read the New Testament in 90 days in four different versions. One each 90 days.

I am so excited about this because I will get to study Jesus again and again this year!

The first 90 days, I am going to read the NKJV.

Next, the ESV.

After that, The Message Version

And finally, The Passion Translation!

By the end of the year, I will have read the New Testament four times in four different translations.

I would like to invite all of you to come along and join me! Here is the invite to the plans and the timeline.

I would like to read The New Testament in 90 Days with you.

You can read it with me in ANY translation. It doesn’t have to be the same four that I chose. And you don’t have to read all four..maybe you just want to read it one time, and then dig into another part of the Holy scriptures.

If you want to change the translation, just open the plan, and then open the first chapter of Matthew.

Look at the top, you can see that I am reading the NKJV, and there is an arrow next to it. Click on that, and then choose any translation you want! If it has a little microphone/speaker symbol that version is also available in audible form and you can just hit play and it will read it to you. This option is great for those of you who have a commute each day!

You only have to download the version if you want to be able to read it offline. Otherwise, you can ignore that option.

Let’s get going and prepare your hearts to meet Jesus! Again and again and again this year!

2021 will be  year of digging deeper into the birth, the life, the miracles, the ministry, the resurrection, the gift of the Holy Spirit, the building of the church, the call on every believer’s life, AND the prophecy of revelation!

I am jump outta my seat excited!!

Will you pray and see if Holy Spirit is inviting you to join me?


Dear Heavenly Father,
Thank You for access to Your Holy Word! Thank You for the opportunity to study You so closely, so intimately, so personally. Open our eyes and ears to understand the scriptures in fresh new ways. Seeing and hearing and experiencing what You desire for us! Lord, even if we’ve read these stories many times over, let them anoint us afresh and let them amaze us anew. Let us marvel at You all over again and again and again!

In Jesus’s name, Amen.


Vanessa Lynn

13 thoughts on “Happy New Year! Let’s Read the Bible Together!!

  1. This is wonderful Vanessa! I enjoy reading plans because they can help me stay focused. I have to be careful to not just ‘check the box’ each day however. It can become a chore if I allow this to happen, when it should be a daily time for blessing and growth. We know that all Scripture is God-breathed, and therefore no one part is more important than another.
    Having said that, I love the idea of reading the New Testament slowly and repeatedly. The Old Testament is wonderful, but for me personally reading about the Lord Jesus and His life as well as the practicality of Paul’s teachings make it somehow more applicable to daily life. I pray God blesses your journey.
    Pastor Chuck
    PS: There were several years where we read the Bible through out loud as a family. Maybe some of your young ones might want to join you!

    1. Thank you so so much Pastor Chuck. I know what you mean about sometimes it’s just feels like its about checking the boxes. I have felt that way at times, but then found as I continued in the commitment some days the scriptures came alive. Some days were more ordinary and just felt like regular reading. I trust that God was feeding me in both instances. And that my feelings may not always align to what He is doing in my heart as I faithfully read His Word even when I may not feel like it in my flesh. I LOVE the idea of reading the bible aloud with my family. It’s an encouragement to hear that you were successful in this! Much love to both you and Betsy!!

  2. This is such an awesome idea!! I love that the plan doesn’t appear overwhelming!! I’m going to look that plan up through my Bible app and join you!!! ❤️…as I was wanting to read through the New Testament again anyway!! Super excited about this reading plan!!

  3. Hi Vanessa. I’ve not read this yet, but I was looking to see if I’ve missed you posting the next memory verses? I think my head has come undone! Or is it next week? Sorry. Happy 2021 to you. xxx

  4. in case anyone wants to listen to an audio, I recorded the gospel according to Matthew (in 3 parts) onto You Tube with some wonderful old paintings to illustrate. you can soak in it then! 😀

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