Memory Verses Week 7

Hi Gorgeous Friends!

For the last several weeks, we took a break from adding new verses.

If you are just starting or want a refresher, here are the first 6 weeks all in one blog post.

The program is the Navigator’s Memory Verses, and each set of 6 weeks has an overarching theme.

The first theme was: Living the New Life

The plan is to add two new verses each week, but you also keep reading the previously studied verses each day as well. It’s a slow strengthening and building up of your spirit with the Word of God.

I haven’t been as regular as I would like in studying them every day, but I keep at it.

I know that by regularly making time to strategically memorize the Word of God, which is indeed a weapon against the dark, I will be fueled and sharpened and ready for battle.

I will also be ready to witness to others with the Lord’s Word embedded in my heart so that it flows forth in the moment of need.

So here is a snapshot of the next 6 weeks.

The theme is Proclaim Christ.

If you’ve ever wondered how to share the gospel, these verses have the gospel message clearly laid out.

For week 1, we are all sinners. We need to be aware of our sin nature and the realization that even if we have been “mostly” good, we are sinners and we have sinned.

Oh but don’t let that knowledge make you hang your head in shame. Instead let it make the gift of Jesus that much more valuable!

He bore every sin, every infirmity, everything that separates us from the Father was reconciled because of Jesus.

Here are this week’s verses with the memory tools:

Verse 1:

Big Idea: Recognize your sin and your need for a Savior.

Verse 2: Big Idea:

Even though I’ve sinned, the Lord Himself has taken my punishment.

Again, I will post the next two verses each Sunday and we will take another break after 6 weeks! Here’s to weeks 7 through 12 being filled with much fruit as we memorize His Holy Word!

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You for Your Precious Word that we have the privilege of storing in our hearts. Guide us on this journey and give each of us Holy Spirit strengthening to stick with it and carve out time to study and soak in Your Word.

In Jesus’s name, Amen.

Blessings and Holy Strengthening,

Vanessa Lynn

7 thoughts on “Memory Verses Week 7

  1. Love how you’ve put this together!! Memorizing scripture is soooo important, it’s helped me so much having scripture hidden in my heart and being able to bring it to mind at just the right time! Holy Spirit felt every time!!

    1. PS – One thing I noticed – because I didn’t get along with the scripture I copied down – (Joshua 1:18)… so I looked in Joshua and wrote down also verses 6-8. (Joshua 1:6-8) I memorised those instead. Today therefore I noticed in your recap of the first round of verses, that it says Joshua 1:8 as the verse. So somehow there was a typo and I wonder if others also felt that? “Do not let this book of the law depart from your mouth…” is a great one for us to learn. I wanted to question it at the time, but I know we can’t cherry-pick God’s word, so I didn’t. Now I see it may have been a typo. xx

      1. no problem – verses 6 – 8 are all great, and I’m blessed to have remembered them too. xx I just felt bad about not liking verse 18! πŸ™

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