Faith moves God’s Heart

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh new start.

A new day to rise and move ahead triumphant over all that meant to do you harm.

The weapon may be formed and it may even be staring you right in the face, but it will not prosper.

As you move forward in faith, even when you don’t fully understand what God is doing or how the victory will come, He will provide.

He will provide a way out of the temptation.

He will provide an escape route from the enemy.

He will provide wide open doors that no man can shut.

He will provide all that you need and abundantly more.

He will deliver on every promise that He has made to you.

We serve a God who repeatedly moves and acts when His people display great faith.

In the New Testament, time and time again Jesus’s heart was moved by the faith of the people. Here are just a few instances in the gospels where Jesus referred to people’s faith as being a healing factor.

He was also grieved at times by their lack of faith.

He seemed shocked that even with all of the signs and wonders that He was performing and the wisdom that He was teaching, there were still masses who still didn’t believe.

And we look back and wonder how that could be?
Today, we have direct access to the Lord through the gift of the Holy Spirit. There is a continual flow of power, spiritual gifts, and also healings, signs, and wonders and at times we may still doubt that we will see the mountain move, the breakthrough come, or the dark areas see the light of dawn.

Keep your eyes on Jesus. Keep moving and decision making as if you could see Him working on your behalf.

Imagine the faith of Noah to build an ark for years and years and years when there was no sign of rain and he had never even experienced what rain was! He was preparing for an event that he had no previous context to make sense of it. But Faith.

Imagine the faith of the widow who fed Elijah her last meal.

Imagine the faith of Moses who told the people that they could be still and the Lord would deliver them THAT day, but all he could see was the Red Sea in front of him and armies coming up behind him.

Imagine the faith for Esther to speak out to the King who had killed his previous wife when she angered him.

Both Old and New Testaments hold up people in high esteem who trust that the Lord would do what He says He will do even before anythings looks different.

And if you want to please God, faith is a necessary part.
And how do we grow in faith?

Meditate on the stories and accounts in the bible. Imagine yourself in those situations and realize how much faith it took for them to move and trust even with no sign yet.

Pray and invite God into every area. Leave nothing in your life that hasn’t been offered back up to God. Leg Him have full access to your heart, your home, your children, your time, and your finances.

Speak aloud the promises of God when you feel doubt creeping in.

Make them personal!

The Lord will fight for me. I need only to be still.

If the Lord is for me, who can come against me and prevail?

I serve the God of the Universe who parts seas, makes dry bones live, revives the dead, and is seated on the throne in full control.

I trust you Lord. You have promised to never leave me pr forsake me.

I know You go before me and beside me and behind me. I have nothing to fear.

Friends, fan the flames of your faith today. Let it be revived!

Dear Heavenly Father,
You are sooooo good! Awaken faith on the inside of us. Show us places in our lives where we may have given up hope and bring those spaces back to life.  In Jesus’s name, Amen.

Blessings and increased faith,
Vanessa Lynn

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