All in a Day’s Work

Good Evening my Gorgeous Friends,

It’s been one of those crazy, busy every moment planned out and scheduled days….

A day where I barely took a breath.

A day where I just kept my eyes on the task in front of me and kept working.

A day where a little idea that started a while ago came to full fruition!

I leased a little shop in a store that houses all kinds of different booths and items!

Each booth/shop has a unique decor and theme. Some shops sell antiques, some arts and crafts, and some have small furniture.

The store is called Sweet Pickens and its located on Hancock Bridge Parkway right next to our family’s favorite snow cone shop, Pelicans.

Today, I moved in! I filled it with faith themed gift baskets, scripture art, scripture boxes, and gift bags.

Here was the beginning of my space….

A close friend helped me to lay down contact paper to decorate the floor, and then Chuck came and worked on hanging shelves and raising the front of the booth up higher.

We worked and worked and worked…

And then Chuck left to take one of our sons to youth group.

I stayed and finished up. And, I am so excited with how it turned out!!

I have about a zillion more ideas of what I want to add and new things to create. But here it is my friends!!

The beginnings of a new adventure!

Before I left, I stood in the middle of my little space and I prayed over it. I asked God to let every person who walked in be filled with peace and that every item in the shop would glorify Him.

Here’s to a new journey that glorifies the Lord and spreads His Word.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You for new opportunities to serve You and share Your Word. Lord, make us bold and courageous to step out and follow You into new places and new paths. Lord, I praise Your name and thank You for being in the details. In Jesus’s name, Amen.

Blessings and new journies,

Vanessa Lynn

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