I fell in love with her.

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh new start.

A new day to rise and love those you encounter with all you’ve got.

Love when it’s hard.

Love when it’s scary.

Love when you have something to lose.

Love when your pride is on the line.

Love. Love. Love.

Today is the anniversary of my twins adoption day. March 8th. It also happens to be international women’s day. For those of you who are single and considering foster care or adoption, I was a single foster and adoptive momma! And when my adoption date fell on international women’s day, I thought that was pretty amazing! Here I was healing from divorce and finding my new footing and I was given the beautiful gift of adoption on this date for women.

But there’s a very special woman that I want to celebrate today. A woman that I have watched rise and rise and rise again.

A woman that loves her children fiercely and unconditionally.

She loves sacrificially and fully.

She has the most genuine, generous heart and puts others before herself.

The world has heaped mountains of trauma, heartache, and loss upon her and she fought back.

She got up even when it was hard and scary and she wanted to give up.

I am in awe of her and the longer I know her, the more I adore her.

I have watched her heal and chase her dreams. I have watched her rise out of the ashes and design a life that she loves.

Today on the anniversary of my precious boys adoption, I celebrate their amazing, beautiful, selfless mother. A woman who loves deeper than most and has been through more than most and yet has survived and thrived. Jesus lifted her up and gave her a brand new life. And I am so thankful to be able to be part of her her life.

I fell in love with the boys first as their foster momma, but as I opened my heart up to their momma, I fell in love with her too.

She’s easy to love. She truly is all those things I described and more!!

I will write our whole story one day, but for today I just honor her as I reminisce on adoption day and the incredible gift she has given me by entrusting the care of her boys to me.

Here’s our big day.

And here are just some pics of our journey…. the boys were a little over one when they came to me. This picture was from their first week with me. Aren’t they precious!

And then they grow and grow and our story unfolds. Babies are born, birthdays are celebrated, and big milestones occur! God is good y’all!!

Friends, love hard. Love like Jesus lives on the inside of you! Love. Love. Love. And when you are afraid to love, spend time with Jesus and let Him fill you with His perfect love so that you can go out and love others like He does.

Dear Heavenly Father, I praise Your Holy Name for the gift of love. I praise You for being an amazing miracle working God who is in every detail. LORD, only You could have written this story. Thank You for bringing Morgan and the boys into my life and thank you for the gift of family and being able to stay in relationship with eachother. Thank you for her and how You have worked in her life and mine. In Jesus’s name, Amen.


Vanessa Lynn

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  1. Ohhh goosebumps!! Your pictures tell the story beautifully!! What a gorgeous heart each of you have! This post blesses my morning!!❤️

  2. What a truly heart-warming, beautiful story. I’m sure you are also a very easy person to love! you are testimony to His great love. Thank you for sharing this part of your story.

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