A good neighbor is heaven sent! Choosing joy…

God knows what He is doing as He sends special people into our lives.

I have been very blessed by a new neighbor who is becoming a good friend to my family.

She moved in a few months ago, and the kids took to her immediately! They race across the street to visit every chance they can. They talk her ear off and she listens and listens.

She gives gardening tips to Addy and lets the boys walk her two dogs.

And last week she gave me confirmation that I was on the right track with my shop.

Back in November I almost signed a lease at a different location to sell my gift baskets. I didn’t go through with it because I didn’t have peace about it. It was way across town and the timing wasn’t right.

This time around, the location is 5 minutes away and I felt much more peace. I have a tendency to jump headfirst into projects and so I was trying to slow down and pray about this new shop.

As I was mulling it all over and waiting for peace about it, I picked these colors out and was doing a little dreaming….

But I hadn’t shown anyone yet.

Then, I stopped by Missy’s house on Saturday morning a few weeks ago and she had a gift for me.

She said she was back and forth between two mugs, but chose this one because of the colors! The colors were the EXACT same as my plan for the shop! I accepted it as a little God Wink from heaven. 🙂

I had peace that I was headed in the right direction. I am not big into looking for signs. I believe that we often hear directly from God in our Spirit, but He is also involved in the details of our lives and He speaks in a wide variety of ways to His children. I felt His Presence right there in the gift.

Thank you for your kind support and encouragement and prayers when I shared the unveiling of my little shop this week.

Yesterday, when I pulled into my driveway, I received more encouragement at home. This beautiful artwork was there!

Missy and the kids drew it for me while I was at the doctor with Bentley.

They wanted to do something to celebrate the shop!

Addy worked hard to have it done before I got home.

My heart is so full! God is good. There are lots of hard days and sometimes hard seasons, but there is also joy and joy abundantly.

I know life is busy and adding this little shop is another commitment. But I also know that life flies by so quickly, and I truly love to create with my hands. There is a peace when worship music is on and I am designing gifts and creating scripture art.

So instead of waiting for life to slow down so that I can enjoy it….. I choose joy right now.

RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of the challenges and the struggles and the doubting myself and the sometimes really hard days, I choose joy and to keep going with the things that God has set before me.

I choose to relish my days at the skatepark with my kids even when the to do list is mounting.

I choose to play catch with Maxwell again and again.

I choose to live in the moment I’m in and not allow worry or fears of the future steal my present.

I choose to blog and to host prayer group even when the time is hard to capture.

I choose to host Bible study in my home even though we run super late into the evening chatting and spending time together, because there is life and joy in fellowship with fellow believers and friends.

I choose Saturday morning blogger chats.

I choose to bring my family around the dinner table even when it’s chaotic.

I choose to use my creativity to do what I love.

I choose to worship with abandon.

I choose to be an authentic neighbor who gives and receives support and care.

I choose to walk out my destiny even when it gets hard.

I choose all of these things because these are the things that make my heart full and filled with joy!

They all require sacrifice, but when I choose them, they all fill my soul.

And there are hard days and difficulties blended in between the joy filled moments, but I choose joy and I will keep choosing joy again and again and again.

I choose to live this life fully for Jesus by being real and authentic and sometimes I may fall flat on my face.

Yet, I rise each day and choose Jesus and the joy He pours into me.

Friends, there is joy in the everyday. Mine for it. Look for it. Dig it up right outta the mud if you gotta. There is joy to be pulled up even from the darkest hour.

Find ways to “choose joy”. Find places that are treasures set before you by the Lord. Treasures that may cost you something such as sacrifices of your time, your affection, or your talents.

The best treasures may come at a cost or investment. For every thing you say yes to, there are many others you have to tell no. Choose wisely what parts of your life get a “yes”. And if you have a dream, a desire, a calling on your life that you have been saying no to out of fear or because life is too busy, I encourage you to pray about it and ask for discernment moving forward. It may be time to just say yes and choose the God given things that awaken your spirit and make you feel alive.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You for the blessings of little things in the middle of the challenges. I praise You for an abundance of joy that is available to believers regardless of season or circumstance. That we can be fully accepted, fully loved, and fully shepherded as we choose to follow You completely and wholeheartedly. Lord, we submit everything over again and again and ask that what remains is Your will in our life and all of the good, God given plans You have for us.

In Jesus’s name, Amen.

Blessings and joy right where you are today! May God reveal treasure troves of blessing already set before you..

Vanessa Lynn

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  1. I choose joy in my now!. Thanks for sharing this post and your experience. It is really encouraging. God bless their hearts too for the show of love and care towards you. 🙏❤

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