Psalm 27:4 David’s Prayers Answered through Jesus

Good Morning Gorgeous,

Its a brand new day. A fresh new start. A new day to rise and run into the Arms of Jesus. A new day to be filled by Jesus and then poured out onto others. That’s the daily rhythm of a Christ Follower, be filled, pour it out. Be filled, pour it out.

David the Psalmist knew how to get before the Lord and into His Presece. He would earnestly pour his heart out before the Lord and you can see all emotions throughout his psalms. Whether in distress, deep grief and mourning, joyful, or hope filled and expecting, He was ever crying out to attract the Presence of God.

He so desired to be with the Lord and to draw near to Him. And this desire and pure heart after the Lord’s presence got God’s attention. He called David, “A man after my own heart.”

David got foreshadows, glimpses, and mini tastes of what was to come. David got precious moments in His Presence and he longed for more. A day when he could be with the Lord always.

In Psalm 27:4,

One thing have I asked of the Lord , that will I seek after:

that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life,

to gaze upon the beauty of the Lord and to inquire in his temple.
Psalm 27:4 ESV

Here is that beautiful psalm 27 again. David is crying out for the Presence of God. Asking to dwell with the Lord. He already had moments with the Lord. Times when his worship brought in the Presence. This was a big deal back then because the Presence of the Lord was in the ark of the covenant. The Lord had not yet come to earth and split the veil that separated man from God’s Holy Presence.

So man and God were not in continual, free flowing connection as we are now. Yet, David, through His worship and steadfast heart after the Lord had learned how Precious it was to dwell with God and desired to dwell with Him all the days of his life.

And the final line, that I may behold, gaze upon the Lord, delight in Him and be in His temple.

David’s psalm is both his prayer and a prophesy of what was to come! A day when the people of God can dwell richly and fully with Him. And boy did God answer the heart cry of David!

When Jesus breathed His final breath the curtain covering the Holy of Holies in the temple where the Presence of God met with the high priest just once per year was torn top to bottom, heaven to earth symbolizing the separation between man and God was broken. No longer would there be a veil or curtain or anything separating us.

And there would be an even more radical promise fulfilled! The Spirit of the Lord Himself would come and dwell on the inside of faith filled people! People who called Jesus their Lord would receive the promise of the manifestation of the Holy Spirit. Here, right before His Ascension to heaven, Jesus reminds the disciples to wait for the Holy Spirit of the Lord.

David’s prophesy on psalm 27:4 fulfilled! Man dwelling with the Lord all the days of their life and the Lord Himself would choose to reside inside of men and women as His Holy temple! David asked to dwell with God all the day of his life in His temple, God turned around and made US His Temple!

Wow, God answers our prayers beyond our wildest dreams! Imagine if God would have told David a day was coming when the Lord would be so close to him that He would be on the inside of him accessible at any time! That was the very thing David wanted MOST: the Presence of His precious Lord. And we have it now, the fullness of the Lord accessible and inside of us! What a mighty Lord we serve!!

Friends, the Lord broke down the separation between men and God. The very thing separating us was sin, and Jesus came and canceled its curse. He gave Himself a perfect and blemish free lamb once and for all to deal with every sin and set us free from death. Because of Jesus, we are made holy. So holy and cleansed that the Lord Himself has made us His dwelling place and sealed us with the long awaited for promise of God’s own Spirit!

You are a walking temple housing the very Presence of God. Where you go, the Lord goes. When someone needs the encouragement and a touch from God, you have it on the inside of you. As you pray and speak and encourage, the Lord Himself spills forth and touches those around you in need.

You now are a living sacrifice, a holy temple of the Lord where He dwells with you all the days of your life just like David so earnestly cried out for!

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You! Thank You for Your Holy Spirit alive and active on the inside of us. Thank You for choosing us as Your dwelling place and for making us Holy unto You because of Jesus’s sacrifice. Thank You for prayers answered and prophecy fulfilled.

In Jesus’s name,


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