Strong and Courageous

Good Morning Gorgeous!

Being strong is not always easy. Most times it is a choice we make without even realizing it. I have sat with countless women as they told me their stories and I have replied to them with, “You are SO strong.” When I see a woman standing despite all she’s been through, I don’t see the trauma or the scars, I see great courage and strength.

The thing is they didn’t feel strong. They didn’t choose what they were battling, but in their choice to get up and keep going despite all that was battling against them, they exerted great strength. And when we lean into Jesus, the inner strength and resolve that He fills us with equips and enables us to move and battle and simply keep rising despite a mountain range that tries to keep us in the valley.

Gorgeous Friends, the Lord commands you to be strong and courageous, but THEN equips you with His Spirit so that you only need to walk with Him and in HIM you will find all the strength you need.

A supernatural, divine strength that enables you:

To keep breathing when it feels hard to catch a full breath.

To keep rising when your feet feel like lead.

To keep praising Him even through tears.

To keep showing up and keep saying yes to the call on your life even when it’s hard and getting harder.

You are strong and courageous because God names you so. He commands us to be strong because we have the capability and the equipping in Him to be the very things He has instructed of us.

You command your children things you know they can do. You don’t command them to do things that they are not capable of. You see strength and talents and abilities in them that you call forth. When they are ready to walk, you give them opportunities and you tell them to walk. When they are ready to ride a bike, you remove the training wheels and tell them they can do it!

Our heavenly Father, the very Creator of our souls, knows exactly what we are capable of and He calls us strong and courageous!

So go forth today. Move like you have ALL of heaven backing you up, because the truth is, you do!

Dear Heavenly Father,

We honor and praise Your Holy Name. Thank You for naming us strong, making us strong, and then filling us to overflow with Your Spirit so that we can be ALL that You have called us to be.

In Jesus’s name,


Blessings and strength,

Vanessa Lynn

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