Road Trippin’ Coast to Coast

I am SOOO excited to share that our family will be venturing across country this summer!!

We officially rented a motorhome for 3 weeks and we are ready to explore this beautiful country!!! It was quite a challenge to find a motorhome large enough with unlimited mileage that was in our price range, but we finally got connected to the perfect one. It was booked the weeks prior to our dates and the weeks after, but the weeks we needed were available! So, we are booked and even though we were willing to rent anything in the state of Florida, the one we found is right here in our city!!

This means that we will be traveling from Florida to California and back with our five kiddos and our family pup.

This is a big deal on so many levels!! My grandma just turned 86, and I haven’t seen her in over 5 years. My last visit with her was before I had my last three children.

Here I am as a mom of two with my grandma, mom, my sister, and my two oldest.

So she will be meeting the littles for the first time. I talked to her on the phone yesterday for about an hour and a half and we could easily have talked for several more! I miiiiisssssss her and can’t wait to hug her and drink coffee with her soaking up all the stories she has to tell me…. (She told me a new story yesterday that I never heard before that I will share in a future blog post!)

We have never been camping! Yep, we do everything big, and we jump in with two feet. I have never taken my family camping, but they will be getting 20 days of it. Hopefully, we are fast learners. I know some people don’t count being in a motorhome as camping, but if I’m staying every night in a campground, its camping to me! I have NO idea what I am doing, so I’ve been conducting official research on pinterest… aka looking at a ton of brilliant ideas that I will probably never actually pull off…

We have been dreaming of taking this trip for years, but it always seemed out of reach. Plane tickets times 7 are quite pricey. We have always said if we made the trip, we would probably drive and check out our amazing country along the way. Yet, driving such a long way in our family van sounded miserable. So, the motorhome dream was born. Letting the kids sleep and play and ride in comfort while we travel cross country sounds like the perfect way to travel. In my head its serene and everyone is getting along beautifully. We will see how the actual trip plays out, and what lessons we learn along the way.

For now, I will anticipate the best possible outcome: a vacation filled with memories to treasure and coffee with grandma!

*If you have any camping or road trip advice big or small, please share!!! We have NO idea what we are doing!**


Vanessa Lynn

11 thoughts on “Road Trippin’ Coast to Coast

  1. My children were quiet for long periods of time listening to “Adventures in Odyssey”. We used CDs at the time. More recently we’ve discovered the adventures in Odyssey app. My 18 year old still loves to listen to these, and so do I.

  2. Awesome!!!
    My advice: always be sure you have the camper stairs up before you drive off!! We learned this the hard way and no joke nearly took out our neighbor as he was doing yard work when we drove off for our adventure with the steps down. Thankfully nothing happened and we noticed not long after but it was EXTREMELY embarrassing!

  3. Wow! That sounds sooooo exciting! What an amazing adventure! look forward to hearing of all the blessings and tales and seeing the photos. I bet Grandma is excited too. Everyone in your family looks so young! I thought Grandma was mum and was very confused.

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