Pay it Forward

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh new start! A new day to rise and get before Jesus. A new day to receive something fresh from Jesus and then give it away!

You can ask Jesus for all you need and as He so faithfully refills your cup of joy, peace, comfort, strength and wisdom, go forth and share with others how it is you can have those things amidst the trials of this life.

Last night, we arrived at our RV site 3 hours later than planned and it was darrrrrrk. We found our campsite, a nice slab of concrete right on the lake with all the hookups.

However, we would need to back the motorhome into the spot and in the dark you couldn’t see where the road ended and the lake began….

Within minutes of our arrival and before we even started to park, a kind neighbor showed up with 2 flashlights and asked if he could help direct us into the spot…. Um… yes! And thank you Lord for sending this kind soul!!

This kind gentleman heads to the back of the spot and flashes the light so that Chuck can back in safely. As we get parked, they shake hands. Chuck thanks him again and the man tells Chuck, “No worries just pay it forward to someone else when they need it.” Chuck agrees and tells him of course. He didn’t realize how quickly he would be paying it forward!

Chuck and I look at eachother and sigh a huge sigh of relief. We had been on the road for 11 hours and we had just survived backing in a 39 foot motorhome in the dark on a lake. Our kids were safe, we were safe, and we could rest for the night. Chuck takes the keys out of the ignition and this huge truck with a very large 5th wheel more than 30 feet comes driving down the street and stops. Between the 5th wheel and the truck pulling it, it was longer than our motorhome.

Chuck looked at me and said, “Look at that big boy. He must have rented a pull through site.A pull through is a camping sight that involves no backing up. It’s just what it sounds like, you pull in and then drive through to leave. Of course as I have shared in earlier posts, this is all new to us. I just recently learned that term!

Anyway, nope. This truck was stopped in front of us because he was going to back into the site next to us! In the dark with campers on both sides, this very large truck with a humongous RV hitched to the back was going to back in to his campsite. Chuck looked at me and I looked at him . It was already time to pay it forward! Chuck grabbed his flashlight and stepped out into the dark to help guide the neighboring camper into his site.

Blessed five minutes earlier with the same help, and now Chuck was passing the blessing on.

We as followers of Jesus Christ have a unique opportunity to “pay it forward” every day of our lives.

Most importantly, we have received the free gift of salvation and therefore live with the assurance of our eternal home. That gift is meant to be shared and shared and shared so we can bring as many people as possible to receive the same free gift of salvation.

Invite them to accept Jesus by trusting that He lived in the earth as fully God and fully man, He died a sinner’s death on the cross in our place, and rose again triumphing over death itself. All who believe in their heart and confess with their mouth that Jesus is Lord and God raised Him to life will be saved and receive the free gift of eternal life.

And in addition to salvation and assurance of our home in heaven, we ALSO live under an open heaven NOW. Meaning that because Jesus tore the veil separating people from God here on earth, we have access to the inheritance of Holy Spirit now. We are positioned receive spiritual blessings that allow us to walk powerful lives in the earth equipped to speak healing, comfort, strength, encouragement, hope, and love into others.

You have received abundant gifts from the Father and they are meant to be shared and multiplied. So as you have received comfort from the Lord, you can go forth and comfort others.

As you have been released from fear, depression, anxieties, worry, pain, trauma, you can go forth and share your story so that others can reach out and receive as well.

Your testimony of whatever the Lord has delivered you from can ignite hope in others and give them a fresh dose of faith to access their blessing and breakthrough.

And the best part is, your testimony can be fresh and still kinda raw and it is already primed to help someone else.

You may still be feeling some after effects of your situation, like God has worked a miracle, but your not completely out of the storm…..Tell your story anyway.

You may be brand new at sharing your faith…… Share anyway.

You may still be weak in the knees and wobbly, unsure of what to say or how to start…… Just begin to speak and let God speak through you.

You may be unsure how God will finish your story, but you know for sure that He has been working in your life lately….. tellllllll someone!

Chuck received a great blessing and was called to share it immediately after. He is new to parking motorhomes and to this camping culture. Yet, he was still willing to try and help someone else.

You may be new to the faith or new to sharing your faith, don’t let the fear of not being an expert keep you from being a blessing to those around you who need a dose of the hope living inside of you!

Pay it forward!!! Share what Jesus has done for you!

Dear Heavenly Father,

Release testimonies from our mouths! Let us boldly share our source of hope and peace. Let us tell our friends, coworkers, neighbors, and children how it is we can have joy through trial. Let us share the gospel with a scared world. Let us boldly proclaim the truth of Jesus Christ.

In Jesus’s name, Amen.

You are abundantly blessed to be a blessing!

Vanessa Lynn

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