Road Trippin’ Day 2

What an adventure today has been!

We woke up in Defuniak Springs, Fl. We stayed at a beautiful campground that we thought we would have time to explore, but we ended up getting in very late Friday night and leaving early Saturday morning.

For anyone who wants to give camping a try and lives in Florida, or close enough to drive, this campground has every kind of camping experience in one location. They have space for tent camping, RV hook ups, cabins, lake houses, and EVEN glamorous glamping tents that are well appointed. Check it out at

Most summers, our village of closest friends take a vacation together. I’ve already suggested to them that this should be our next vacation.

As we left the park, we decided a quick stop at Walmart was needed. So, off we went. After shopping and loading up our groceries, we noticed several other campers start to park near us and the rain and wind gusts began to pick up.

A quick check of the weather revealed a tropical storm alert and the realization that we are staying put for awhile.

So we spent about 5 hours in the Walmart parking lot waiting for the worst of the storm to pass.

I put on a crockpot of meatballs and pulled out some things for the kiddos to do.

Since we were stuck for awhile, the kiddos watched TV and colored.

They napped a bit…..

After a few hours, there was a break in the storm and we were off..

We left Florida and headed into Alabama…

Storm came back in a few spots, but we were out of it after about an hour.

Then…. this tunnel!

We canceled our campground that was booked for this day because we couldn’t make it in time. Instead, we drove as far we could long after the kids were asleep and then parked for the night in a Cracker Barrel Parking Lot in Mississippi.

Here are our firsts for today:

Driving through a tunnel

Trying boiled peanuts

Sleeping in Cracker Barrel’s Truck and Trailer Parking

Lessons Learned:

You can easily cook in a crockpot while you travel by placing it in the sink to secure it.

Whatever the time Google Maps says is your traveling distance doesn’t apply to RV travel because you can’t go the speed limit.

Campers are the friendliest, most helpful folks around.

Not all highways are as well cared for and maintained as our smooth Florida highways.

Overall, our spirits are up and our trip is off to a great start!

This is Day 2 of twenty something.. We have planned a week to get to California, a week to stay there and visit my family, and a week to travel back home to Florida.

Blessings to you all and may you make lots of safe summer memories!

Vanessa Lynn

8 thoughts on “Road Trippin’ Day 2

  1. Ahhh love it!!! Hope things are going smoothly! We’re on a road trip from Nebraska and spending the week in Texas! It’s been fun but our little Jeep pales in comparison to the RV adventure…and you’re sooo right, campers are very friendly!! I remember this from when we had ours.❤️
    Safe travels sweet friend!

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