Road Trippin’ Days 14 & 15: Standing on the corner of Winslow, AZ

Hey Gorgeous Friends,

Today would mark the beginning of our trek back home to Florida!

We woke up and deliberated about whether to take the same route home which was I40 or try a more scenic route up through the northern mountains which would be 70. We read a few articles about what it would be like to drive the motorhome through that route. From the articles, there would be lots of winding roads, soft shoulders, and lots of strain on the engine to get up and down the mountain roads. We decided to stay in flat land and take 40 home. We love route 66 anyway!On day 14, We drove from Riverside, CA to Winslow, AZ. Here are a few pics from the drive.

We stopped for dinner at Cracker Barrel, but didn’t stay the night this time. The kids had worms and dirt for dessert. Nia was NOT a fan!

When we arrived, we stayed in an RV park called, “Take it Easy” RV park.

It was just a simple RV park in the middle of the desert. When we woke up, it was day 15 and we headed to do some sight seeing on Rte 66 in the city of Winslow.

We found the coolest Rte 66 historic spot!

We did a little souvenir shopping, and Brycen and I got new hats.

We stopped and had an amazing lunch at a Mexican diner!

I bought some authentic Mexican candy similar to what I bought from the icecream truck as a little girl in California. The kids were not fans ….

Back on the road again after our stop in Winslow! We passed into New Mexico, and Chuck saw a sign for the Continental Divide.

We decided to stop off for a peek! We started driving and the road got more and more narrow. It had been raining, so there was mud on both sides and then field after field ahead. One of our best friends Christy who writes at has a knack for taking us to remote adventurous locations where we may not make it out alive. She once had us on three wheels at the top of a mountain! We must not be as adventurous as her, because about a mile down the road we decided to not risk getting stuck in the middle of farmland with no human in sight to help. Chuck had to back up to turn around and the back wheels started spinning in the orange clay mud… I was praying and the wheels caught traction and we made it out. We were so happy to be on solid ground! And that mesage could preach!! When the road gets messy, turn back to Jesus. He’ll put you on solid ground!

Right as we pulled back onto the safety of I40, I checked out the news and there were the spaghetti models of Tropical Storm Elsa.

And just a few minutes later, this beautiful rainbow appeared in front of us!!

The days are long and each evening we usually close with a Walmart run. This evening we met a little puppy as we cashed out, and then we ate dinner in the RV. Two rotisserie chickens and a quick Ceasar salad made for an easy dinner. Everyone was happy the driving was done for the day!

Chuck ended the day by telling the kids a story. They were so tired and ornery that they only listened to a few minutes and we had to turn the lights off for bed.

That’s a wrap on day 15!!! Tomorrow, we would be taking a sky tram to the top of a mountain!

Thanks for enjoying our road trip with us!!


Vanessa Lynn

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  1. Nia’s face with the dirt and worms and their faces with the candy!❤️😍
    Glad you turned around end went the safer route and love your analogy with Jesus! Fun road-trip update, I’m so glad you’re doing these posts!

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