Elohim Part 2: Jesus Revealed

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh new start. A new day to rise and marvel at the creative powers of our Lord.

His plans and His power are so marvelous that they can be hard to comprehend, but as we pause and soak in the Word, revelation comes and we are given deeper understanding into the mysteries of God that He has made known to us.

Jesus, our Savior, our Redeemer, who chose to leave heaven, and who chose to become fully man while also being fully God, was the Word by which all of creation came into existence.

Jesus is the physical manifestation of God that we can see, touch, feel, and relate to. He is the Lord Himself revealed to His people. He walked the earth as a man with His own creation. He created man in His own image and then after the fall of Adam and Eve, relationship had been broken..

How would it be restored to it’s original design? How would the Lord walk and talk freely with His people removing the sin that separated Him from them? How would the creation story be redeemed back to what the earth and the relationship between God and His people was meant to be?

Jesus, the SAME Jesus that spoke the Word in the beginning and the whole world obeyed and came to be. This SAME Jesus also in His Creative Power came to earth through a young virgin named Mary.

How can this be? How can Jesus be both at Creation as Creator AND also the man Jesus who walked the earth and restored His people?

Mary asked the same question when God’s plans were revealed to her by the angel Gabriel. She simply asked, “How can this be?” The same question we can ask.. How?

The simple answer from the angel Gabriel requires faith to receive. The angel simply replies, “Nothing shall be impossible with God.”

So as incredulous as the creation story is, even more incredulous that Jesus was there at Creation and the One by whom all was created.

The disciple John makes this evident in his gospel and leaves no room for doubt that Jesus was also Elohim.

You can see that the Word was both WITH God and also WAS God!

John continues to explain….

Wow! Pretty clear. Pretty straightforward. Jesus was there AND everything made was through Him.

The Word, the Creative Power of God spoken and the world came into existence just by the power of the spoken Word of God.

Remember the very first day of creation the light began to shine? This was the light of the Lord Himself.This first day of light was the Lord beginning to reveal Himself. The sun didn’t get created until day 4. But on day 1, the light was revealed and separated from the dark.

Then in the New Testament, John refers to Jesus as the light of the whole world! Check out these verses.

So Jesus the TRUE Light. The light revealed at Creation. The One who was there and all of the Universe was created THROUGH. This Jesus revealed Himself again when He came to earth as a human.

And the world didn’t recognize Him. Many rejected Him and the incredulous powerful truths He taught. He invited them into greater understanding and revelation of the scriptures, but many of the people rejected the Word of the Lord.

But ANYONE who believes by faith in Him and that He is who He says He is, will be called children of God!

And again John makes it clear that the SAME Word in the beginning became flesh through Jesus.

Jesus is the Lord revealed to us!

So what does this mean for us today? I think the answer of the angel to Mary sums it up perfectly! “NOTHING shall be impossible for the Lord.”

Friends, if He can SPEAK and His light appears.

If He can speak and stars are born, sun appears, grass grows, oceans and land take form, animals are designed and the whole earth is filled with life!

If He can leave heaven and become a man to show us His heart and to save us from our sin.

If He is the ALL Powerful, CREATOR God, then can He not also come and create beauty in our lives?

In the beginning, the earth was void and formless and He made all the beauty you see today. When our lives or areas of our lives seem void, messy, or meaningless, call on Him as Elohim. The great Creator who can make beauty right out of the ashes!

Dear Heavenly Father,

Wow! What an awesome revelation that You are the Creator of the Whole World and everything in it AND You are ALSO our Savior and Messiah. Forgiving, revealing, and Creating beauty today! Thank You Lord Jesus!

In Jesus’s name, Amen.

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  1. Love your teachings Vanessa! Such powerful truths to unpack in the book of John. I love how Genesis 1:3 reveals that the all mighty and powerful Creator spoke and it was. His words still travel across galaxies to reach and manifest His light in every dark place. Sometimes I just need to be reminded of that. Thank you for your time and passion to feed hungry hearts and minds with His word.

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