Advent Day 8- King of kings and Lord of lords

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh new start.

A new day to rise unto the King that is sovereign and all powerful.

A new day to rise and recognize that Jesus is Lord over all other lords.

There is nothing above His name. No earthly king that will ever match Him in power or might. No dark force that won’t be defeated by His illuminating light. And nothing on heaven or earth that can’t be defeated by an immediate encounter with Him. Think about His name from yesterday. The Light of the World. Think about how quickly the flick of a light switch drives away the darkness in a room. If artificial light can make darkness flee in an instant, imagine what force and power and might the Light of the One who is the VERY source of all light has over every force of evil and darkness. There is no comparison between the two. No match between them.

The Lord appears, darkness flees.

The Lord appears, evil forces break.

The Lord appears, and victory just IS.

Victory and triumph just HAPPENS when the Lord over all comes on the scene.

That’s how a touch from Jesus opens blind eyes, causes deaf ears to hear, lame to walk, mental health to be restored, hardened hearts to melt, and heavy burdens to break off.

His power is NO match for anything in all the earth.

It is crucial that we identify with this name of Jesus because it’s how we will encounter Him at the end of this age. He is King of all kings and Lord over all!

Just as His birth was prophesied, and it came to pass.

Just as His death was prophesied, and it came to pass.

Just as His resurrection was prophesied, and it came to pass.

Just as the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon His people was prophesied, and it came to pass.

It has been prophesied that Jesus is returning as Lord of lords and King of kings, and it will come to pass.

Just as every single Word that the Lord has spoken WILL come to pass, Jesus WILL return to earth again. And when He returns, He is ushering in a whole NEW government and kingdom. The very kingdom that the Jews were waiting for Him to establish 2,000 years ago. He will come and establish an eternal Kingdom for all who have placed their trust in His name alone.

He will return as the Lord of all Lords, and King over all kings and His rule will NEVER, EVER, EVER end.

How do we know this to be true?

This truth is found in:

Old Testament prophesy,

AND in New Testament revelation surrounding His birth,

AND also in the book of Revelation, which is the final book of the Bible in which ALL unfulfilled prophecy is fulfilled and finished.

And how does it all end? With Jesus as supreme ruler over all in a beautiful restoration of Heaven and Earth as it was designed to be prior to the fall of Adam and Eve.

Let’s dive into the prophecies: Daniel writes this about Jesus’s triumphant return in the book of Daniel centuries before Christ’s birth.

Then during the events surrounding Jesus’s birth, people started to recognize that Jesus, this Jesus who was being birthed into the earth was THAT same ruler that Daniel prophesied about!

Next, let’s look at the beautiful words that the angel Gabriel spoke to Mary. Notice the power of the angel’s words as he speaks about the purpose and destiny of her Son Jesus.

And then look at what Zechariah said about Jesus. The same Zechariah who was the father of John the Baptist. The same Zechariah who recognized Jesus as the Light of the world. He was a priest who knew the prophecies about the Messiah. He had  his own  encounter with the Holy Spirit when he was visited by an angel to announce the miraculous upcoming birth of his own son John. And when he spoke for the first time after his angelic encounter, He said this about Jesus…

Later, the wise men who had studied the scriptures, began to piece the divine clues together and when Jesus was born, they recognized the sign!

The King of the Jews was born! He is here! And the promises of a new Kingdom where He will reign and rule had come. Now here’s where the story takes an unexpected turn in the minds of the Jewish people including Christ’s disciples. They were expecting Him to usher in a new Kingdom now! They were expecting Him to overthrow the tyranny of the Roman Government and reign and rule on earth in that generation. And we know that Jesus had a MUCH bigger assignment. He was not going to rule temporarily on a throne given to Him by the power of men.


He was going to rule over all of heaven, earth, over every other power, rule, authority, over angels and humans and ultimately over His Entire Creation for ever and ever! I love studying what Jesus said about Himself! Here are His Words in Mark. Notice how similar it is to what Daniel said about Him. Jesus states that He will return on the clouds in power and glory. Jesus is confirming the truth of what Daniel the prophet had spoken. 

When he was crucified, guess what His charge was? The custom was to nail the official charge to the cross with the criminal. He was charged with this statement written above His head, “King of the Jews.”

They charged Him for claiming to be the King of the Jews! What they didn’t realize was that the charge was accurate. He was not just King of the Jews, but King over ALL. He is the beginning of all things, by Him all things have been created, and He is the end of all things. With His rule all current systems will cease to exist and His new reign will come to pass.

And Timothy, who was a preacher of the gospel to the Jews wrote this:

What does His Kingship and Lordship mean for me this Christmas?

It means that you serve a Lord that is supreme ruler over all.

It means that you have absolutely nothing to fear when you place your trust in Jesus as Lord.

It means that just as we celebrate the birth of Jesus and meditate on the events surrounding His birth, we ALSO are waiting expectantly for His return.

It means that when He returns, He will be in FULL glory with all power and authority over all.

And friends, those in Christ have nothing to fear, but we everything to celebrate! His second coming will be a glorious time for those in Christ!

Here in Revelation, it states that on His robe will be the name, King of kings and Lord of all lords.

And tomorrow’s blog post will be about what awaits those who faithfully serve Him. When He returns as King of kings we have an amazing role as well!!!

Dear Heavenly Father,

I am amazed at the wonder and beauty of Jesus’s birth and the way You chose to redeem all of mankind through His sacrificial death, resurrection, and triumphant return! Thank You for giving us a way to be in relationship with You through Jesus Christ. Thank You that we can firmly trust that Jesus will return as our King and Lord over all! Remind our souls that we don’t need to fear the return of Christ and instead help our spirits to yearn for His return and desire this day with anticipation just His birth was anticipated.

In Jesus’s name, Amen.

Blessings over you as you meditate on Jesus as King over all,

Vanessa Lynn

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