Merry Christmas!!!!

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh new start. A new day to rise and look ahead at the path the Lord has carved for you.

Some times, God only reveals a small lighted step at a time..

I looked through my photos and found my Christmas pictures from previous years.

It’s amazing to reflect on what the Lord has done. He has saved my life, anchored me to His solid foundation, and stitched my family together one by one.

2010 Ayden and Addyson
2014- We spent most of this Christmas Season in Sea World. Life was changing rapidly for us, as I was now living alone with my two children.
2015- Our first Christmas as a family of 5. Right in the midst of my healing season, God entrusted me with twin boys. I felt humbled and in awe that God still had good plans for me.
2016- We bought a home! This was our first Christmas there.
2017- Nia’s first Christmas! God blessed me with another baby! AND, all three adoptions were finalized in 2017, so we had a lot to be thankful for!
2018- Busch Gardens Santa Village and I got married this year.
2019 Everyone is growing…
2021- And here is my family now!

God has worked miracle after miracle, and I am in awe of His mercy and grace.

This last decade has been a wild ride, and God recently impressed into my spirit that He has even more amazing plans ahead.

I can’t imagine what they are, but I will trust Him one lighted step at a time.

Meeeeeeerrrry Christmas from my home to yours!

JESUS Christ is born and has brought the best gift we could ever ask for! Relationship with Him that heals our soul and seals us for all of eternity!


Vanessa Lynn

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