Need something from Jesus today?

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh new start. A new day to rise and flee to the arms of Jesus.

The Lord’s mercies are fresh every morning! He has what you need today.

A new day to run to Him for a fresh fill of His love.

A new day to sit with Him and allow His strength to fortify you for whatever you are facing.

A new day to be caught up in His Presence.

A new day to revel at the gospel message and the simplicity of our salvation. Believe in Jesus, turn to Him, and you shall be saved.

A new day to read the scriptures with a new hunger and thirst.

A new day to allow the Lord to replace the hurt with salve.

A new day to allow the Lord to provide justice and you can rest instead of carrying the burden.

A new day to drop the heavy load and just walk lightly and easily with your eyes on Jesus.

A new day to take your firm grip off of your life and all of the details that you are desperately trying to keep together and instead lift up your hands and life to the One who can care for your details far better than you can.

A new day to move from doubt to trust.

A new day to let hope enter your heart and a fresh fire be kindled in your belly.

A new day to excitedly say yes to Jesus and all that a life offered to Him entails..

Every day is a good day to offer our lives up to the very One who created us, saved us, redeemed us, and set us free to walk without fear of what’s to come.

Let us simply offer our hearts and lives afresh to God today. We can trust His motives! He promised that He has good plans for us.

He promises that He is preparing a place for us.

He promises to equip us with His own spirit to enable us to walk out our God given destiny here on earth.

So a simple, “Here I am Lord. Here I am, all for you.” will change the day from ordinary and worldly into an offering right to the Lord.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Teach us how to run to You for all we need today. Show us how to dwell in Your Presence. Increase our desire and our ability to sit and abide in Your Love. Provide time and space for us to simply be with You spending time with You. Prepare our hearts to say yes to You. Place a fresh boldness in our spirit that makes us brave enough to open our hands and receive what You so deeply desire to give to us. Lord, help us to submit our ways to Yours, our dreams for God sized ones, and our fleshly desires over to life giving kingdom minded desires. Thank You for being in the details of our lives and for so patiently molding us and shaping us.

In Jesus’s Name, Amen.

Blessings and fresh mercies unto you!

Vanessa Lynn

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