Nia’s trip to the Hair Salon

Hi Gorgeous Friends,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh new start! A new day to rise and share Jesus everywhere you go.

Be kind in every encounter. Pray for people as you go about your day. This morning, I found myself praying in my car for the crossing guard that I wave to all the time.

Sometimes being a follower of Jesus Christ requires bold faith and stepping out into new places and taking risks as you share the gospel.

And….Sometimes it simply looks like a smile, a kind wave, and a conversation with God where you lift someone up before Him and pray for their needs to be met and that they would have an encounter with Him.

Sometimes following Jesus is a quiet morning spent with Him before anyone else rises.

Sometimes it’s patience with our children, going the extra mile at work, or giving a listening ear to a friend.

Sometimes following Jesus is supernatural like praying for the sick to recover, the blind to see, ears to open, and miracles to manifest.

And sometimes it’s just ordinary moments where you allow His overflow of love to pour out onto every person you encounter throughout the day.

Today, was a special day for Miss Nia! We went to the only salon that has ever braided her hair and spent the morning with the owner, Nakisha.

Nakisha is so patient and just shines with passion for her clients and their hair.

She specializes in curly hair, and her salon is gorgeous.

Nia hasn’t been to the salon in a looong time, but when I told her she was going soon, she lit up and said, “With Miss Keisha?”

Kids always remember how someone makes them feel. Nia doesn’t particularly enjoy getting her done, but she loves how Nakisha makes her feel.

I believe that’s exactly what Jesus desires for the followers of Jesus Christ… that we would be a living testimony of Jesus by how me make others feel: valuable, important, and worthy of our time and attention.

And our daily interactions with each person we encounter give us a beautiful opportunity to pour the love and light of Jesus all over them!

Here are some pictures and video of Nia’s experience today.

And if you are local to Southwest Florida, I highly recommend Hair Artistry. Here is the link to their website. Located on 47th Terrace in Cape Coral, Florida.

And next week, her big sister Addyson gets to go and get hers done! I’ll share those too.

Dear Heavenly Father,

I pray that we would learn to fully receive the love You have for us, so that we can give it away to each person we encounter through the day. Guide us and show us creative ways to love on the people we see around us. Help us to spread the light and love of Jesus at the store, at various appointments, at our schools, our workplaces, and even on social media. Make us a people who learn to be open vessels that receive Your love and pour it out onto others as freely as You pour it into us! Lord, let everyone we encounter today remember how we made them feel. And I pray we make people feel important, valued, and loved.

In Jesus’s Name, Amen.

Blessings and abundant doses of His Love,

Vanessa Lynn

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