My First Ever Official Revival!!!

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh new start!

A new day to rise and be filled with all God has for you!

God is so so so preciously gooooood!

The more I seek Him, the more opportunities keep showing up to dive deeper into His Word, His healing, and His power!

There are so many testimonies that I have to share about how God is revealing to me about the ministry of deliverance.

When God speaks to us, its often in multiple forms and multiple times. In the span of just a few weeks, God led me to a book on deliverance that had been sitting on my bookshelf for over 6 years. He led me to start watching the teaching and deliverance ministry of Kathryn Krick by the suggestion of a trusted friend. And then literally sent someone to KNOCK on my door! (That is a testimony all its own. I plan to share soon because that person is coming over tonight to teach our Bible study small group about deliverance ministry.)

So a book, a traveling evangelist, AND a literal knock on my door and God had my attention!

He must want me to learn something new and NOW!

Deliverance is walking free! Being set free and staying free! And it is for ALL believers of Jesus Christ!

It is also how God draws in unbelievers. He sets them free from bondage like He did for Mary Magdalene and then she faithfully followed Him.

God is revealing to me that He STILL shows up in POWER just like He did in the Bible.

He means what He says. He does what He says He will do AND when He gives us authority, He means for us to actually use it! 

So, when Orlando popped up in Kathryn Krick’s itinerary amidst Athens, Greece, Australia, and Canada, I was like…. Yes! I’m going to make this happen with God’s provision! We are going!

Kathryn Krick is an evangelist and anointed vessel being used mightily by God to advance His kingdom.

She grew up in church her whole life and had her own vision for her life that included recording worship music, getting married, and having babies.

All good and beautiful plans! But God had something ELSE in store for this season of her life.  And she had to lay all of her own dreams down and surrender to His plans to receive the amazing destiny God had in store.

She travels the world throughout the week releasing the Word of God and being a willing vessel who God releases healing and deliverance through.

And every Sunday, she is back in her church in California preaching the Word.

There are alot of lessons to learn from her submission and full surrender to God. God is looking across the earth for believers to get serious about Him and let go of what we envisioned this life would look like and INSTEAD move in His plans and destiny.

It will ALWAYS BE better than what we had imagined. Probably very different from our visions for our life, but God’s plans are always, always better. He is the very author of our life, so what He has penned for our destiny far surpasses the cheap counterfeits that satan tries to get us to settle for.

And I so desire to walk in His plans for my life, not my own. I have learned in my own walk that His way is always better than mine. And better by ALOT!

Satan even tried to get Jesus to give up His destiny by offering Him the whole world without the cross. He told Jesus if He bowed down and worshipped him, he would give Jesus the whole world. Can you imagine satan offering the very Creator of everything a cheap deal? Jesus turned to the Power of The Word and overcame temptation and fulfilled the whole plan of God for His life including the cross. Without the cross, there would be no triumph over sin and death. Jesus didn’t take the deal and neither should we. God has a perfect, amazing plan for you. As you go after the Lord with your whole heart, He will lead you to it!

I will share more about the revival and how it goes. It’s this Thursday and Friday in Orlando. If anyone wants to meet me there, it would be awesome to meet up and grow together!!

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for how You speak to Your people! Thank You for sending me the same message three different ways. Thank You for anointed people sharing the FULL gospel that are carrying out the great commission. Lord, light us on fire for You! Give us spiritual eyes. Awaken our spirits to know You in deeper measure and to serve You with passion and wild abandon! Let’s go and see the captives set free and souls harvested for Christ!

In Jesus’s Name, Amen.


Vanessa Lynn

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  1. Deliverance..such a powerful word and it begins with surrender. Can’t wait to learn what God lays on your heart and what you have to share with us.

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