Revival Recap: Revival is Now!!!

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh new start. A new day to rise and take God at His Word. His whole Word. His PURE Word.

Not the teachings we may have grown up learning.

Not the religious traditions that make us feel comforted by routine.

Not the lukewarm, feel good messages.

It’s a NEW day to trust that God is up to something BIG and it’s for your goooood!

He has great plans for you. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you.

Jesus came to give you life and life abundantly.

Jesus came to set you free so that you could set others free!

And the wild part, He means it!

Free, healed, delivered, whole, restored and filled with fresh fire!

This is available to every believer. Jesus said that He was going to the Father to send the Helper. The Holy Spirit. That we would receive power when the Holy Spirit came upon us so that we could carry the weight of the great commission to the world.

I went to Kathryn Krick’s 2 day revival in Orlando. And I have a fresh fire burning in my spirit. Her testimony and preaching are powerful, so powerful!

Here’s the video from the 2nd night. She teaches such a simple message, yet POWER packed!

She was given a prophetic Word that her destiny was to be an apostle and she was called to lay down her own dreams to pick up God’s dreams.

And then she had to go through a refining fire for 4 and a half years before the Word God spoke started to come to pass in her life. And the whole time God was doing a mighty work in her heart.

And she surrendered to Him again and again and again through the wilderness season.

And in her surrender, miracles took place in her heart and she was marked by the anointing and power of God.

Now she preaches with fervor and she carries a God given authority that releases the healing power of Jesus and also causes people who are being oppressed by demons to be set free!

If we are willing and fully surrendered, God has a beautiful refining process available for each of us too!

The refining fire, the wilderness period….this is where the old mindsets get broken. This is where God teaches us new things. This is where God molds and shapes our hearts, our character, our desires, our dreams, our mindset. The wilderness is where we become more like Jesus so that we can rightly represent Jesus to others!

The Israelites went through the wilderness to leave their old mindsets as slaves behind and learn to trust wholly and completely on God. They also learned to follow His commands. To be a holy nation, set apart from the world. A special group of people who walk and talk and live completely different than others.

To follow God with your whole heart, you must also be set apart. Your mindset, your desires, and every area of your life should look very different than unbelievers. We are called to be in the world, BUT NOT of the world. People should know you are a follower of Jesus Christ by both your yes and your no.

This Jesus walk is a continual leaning in and listening for what He is calling you to lay down and what He is calling you to pick up.

Don’t fear the refining fire, press in, you’re going deeeeeper!

And after the refining, Kathryn Krick is carrying out the FULL great commission that is to preach the gospel, heal the sick, speak in other tongues, and cast out demons in Jesus’s Name!

And friends, this commission is for every single believer. I am seeing it happen before my eyes. What Jesus said we could have and what we could do in His Name, we can REALLY do!

My husband Chuck and I host a bible study group in our home, and we are seeing this unfold before our eyes! We are experiencing the freedom of deliverance for ourselves and seeing others get set free too! More testimonies to come about that!!

I feel like an excited kid who just can’t contain my excitement. I poured over the gospels again and I am reading them with fresh revelation. We can really do what Jesus said we could!

Today! In 2022, we can live out the great commission in its entirety because we have the power of the Holy Spirit and ALL authority has been given to us by Jesus.

Let’s go! The Kingdom of God is not a kingdom of talk, but of POWER!!!

Revival is NOW and I am following God wherever He leads and I am ready to do whatever He calls me to do! Radical Faith will be my portion and I will see radical miracles. How do I know? Because I am taking Jesus at his FULL word. Everything He said I could do, I will do. Every promise He spoke, I’m receiving.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Come and move in mighty ways Lord. Shift us where You want us! Move us forward with You to preach the gospel, set people completely free, and heal the sick. Give us a holy language and equip us to move into new territories that we previously couldn’t. Lord, forward movement in advancing the kingdom of God.

In Jesus’s Name, Amen.

Blessings and God given Miracles,

Vanessa Lynn

Here’s a picture of us at night 2 of the revival. In the pic is my friend Christy from, her daughter, and then me, my oldest son, and my oldest daughter. We all felt the power of God flowing and we witnessed miracles when Jesus set people free. What a blessing to watch the promises of Jesus come to pass right before our eyes!

We saw the gospel preached, demons cast out, people healed, and Holy languages being spoken. FULL, PURE great commission! Praise be to the Lord!

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  1. Sounds like it was a moving and refreshing time. God continues to move just as much these days, like He did from what we read in scripture. He is good.❤️

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