Faithful in my No

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh new start. A brand new day to pause and ask to be led by Holy Spirit forward into the spaces where He has promised you.

Whenever we follow God and say yes to Him it involves more than our yes, but also some very faithful “nos.”

And the faithfulness of our no can be more difficult than the boldness of our yes.

As God calls you ahead and forward, some things have to go.

And as you say yes to Him, there are people and activities and things and assignments that will now require a no in order for you to advance ahead.

These can be old temptations, ways of thinking, patterns, but its also so much more.

There are gooood things that will also require a no.

Not all good assignments are God assignments.

Some things that we get involved with that take up our time, energy, and resources are really distractions from our divine purpose.

And other things that we are doing were just supposed to be for a season, but we never released them even when the season of assignment ended.

To follow God with your whole heart, whole mind, and whole soul is to follow His will.

And the closer you draw to Him, you’ll begin to hear His voice in everything. You’ll find that He actually desires to be involved in every detail of your life. And as you lean into Him, He’ll lead you into that abundant life He promises.

A life where the gifts of the Holy Spirt are in operation in your life.

A life where the fruits of the Spirit are lush and evident.

A life where Jesus is the Cornerstone and no earthly storm can move you.

These things don’t just happen by chance or luck as you add Jesus into your life.

The true abundant life is the supernatural product of a life where Jesus has been given authority to rule and reign as King in every area with no compromise.

That’s radical you say! Jesus was a radical man! He was God Himself in the flesh of man teaching the world a brand new way of elevated living that involved total love, surrender, and faithfulness to God.

He never taught a compromised gospel.

It was a gospel of radical love and radical redemption and radical change. Everyone who followed Him left everything.

He called His disciples up and out of where they were into a supernatural life filled with miracles and a closeness to God like never before.

This SAME radical life is still available for any who desire to live it!

The miracles….. still available!

The healings…… still available!

The extreme redemption stories….. still available!

The casting out of demons……still available!

The power to preach the gospel pure and unblemished by man’s religion…….still available!

And we get MORE!!!

Since Jesus died, resurrected, and ascended to take His rightful seat at the Right Hand of the Father, He sent us His Holy Spirit!

The much anticipated Holy Inheritance for ALL believers and followers of Jesus Christ.

Which is the POWER we need to accomplish all that we are called to do: the miracles, the bold faith, the deliverances, the preaching of the pure Word, and walking in the FULL authority of Christ that He gives to us as we learn to be led by Him.

This walk will include turning down good assignments for God assignments.

This walk will include saying no to good ideas so that you can say yes to God ideas.

This walk will include saying no to people and yes to God.

This walk will include learning to recognize God’s voice over satan’s counterfeit.

And friends, in the beginning it feels strange to start saying no to things that appear good. But as you faithfully turn down distractions and just plain old good things, God will amaze you with the supernatural things of the Kingdom!

Every no for the temporary things of this world, God will invite you to a yes that is of eternal value!

Dear Heavenly Father,

You blow me away with Your Divine plans over our lives. Teach us not to fear Your leading, but instead to race into it with giddiness and excitement and childlike faith! Lord, let us surrender our time, talents, treasures, and all that we are unto You as our Lord and King. Let us serve You with total faithfulness to the assignments of the Kingdom. Lord, reveal the distractions Reveal to Your people. Show us the things that we should be saying no to and open up our eyes to the yesses we’ve been called to partner with. Lord, light us ablaze for the Kingdom of God and give us a bold courage to move ahead in our God given destiny!

In Jesus’s Name,


Blessings and Forward Movement in Christ!

Vanessa Lynn

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And if you came across this post and you haven’t yet accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior, may I encourage you that by choosing Him you receive eternal life in heaven, BUT ALSO abundant life NOW. Following Him is the most precious adventure you have ever taken!! All you have to do to get started is to pray and receive Him as Lord. The Bible says to confess Jesus Christ as Lord and believe with your heart the precious gospel message that Jesus taught. Repent of your sins which means simply to ask Jesus to forgive you and then choose to walk away from them and go in the New Direction that God is calling you to. Confess or speak that you believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God who died for you, that He was resurrected from the dead, and ascended to heaven. And that you recieve Him as your Lord and Savior. That you are sorry for your sins and you recieve His FULL and complete forgiveness for every wrong you’ve ever committed. And that you are choosing to follow Him now and leave the ways of the world behind for the things of Jesus!!! And if you mean that with your heart, you are saved and set free to live a new life free of sin! The Bible says you are now a brand new creation! Old things have passed away and new things have come!!! The Bible also says that all of heaven rejoices whenever a person is saved!!!! Just imagine the party being held in heaven on your behalf right now!!!

One thought on “Faithful in my No

  1. Father God,

    What do I need to say NO to so that I can say YES to You? There are so many “good” things on my plate right now but I know they are not necessarily the “best” things for me right now. Please make it abundantly clear to me which things/tasks need to be released. You know that I can be stubborn, so I may need a flashing neon arrow to point the way.


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