Let’s have coffee!

Good Morning Gorgeous,

I would like to share this cup of coffee with you this sweet Sunday morning.
You’re on my heart today.
More importantly, you are on the heart of the Father.
He is thinking about you.
He smiles when He thinks of you and all He desires to give you.
He’s like a giddy Papa on Christmas morning wanting to lavish his sweet children in gifts.
His gifts are far different from any earthly papa’s gift.
They are priceless, no amount of money can purchase them.
They are of eternal value.
They are chased after by the masses, but only given to the children of God.
Peace in all circumstances.
Joy that can’t be stolen.
Faith to move mountains.
And the ultimate inheritance of the Holy Spirit!
Daughters and sons of God, sit with your Papa this morning, pour your heart out to Him. And ask Him to simply reveal to you His love. Ask Him for more of HIM and less of you.
Ask Him to help you today to open up and receive His good, good gifts!

Much love and many blessings this precious Sunday!

Vanessa Lynn

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