Good Morning Again Lord

Good Morning Lord,

You are my beginning and my end.

You are the start and the finisher of my faith.

You are the lover of my soul.

You are the One that I run to, cling to, build my life upon.

You are my steady Rock.

You are my firm foundation.

You are my strength each and every moment.

You are the breathe in my lungs.

You are the Words on my tongue.

You are the Way, the Truth, and the Light, and the only way to real living.

You are the power source of my life.

You are the Comforter that never leaves me in suffering.

You are my Provision and every good thing in my life has passed from Your Hands to me.

You are my Restorer and Redeemer. You pulled me out of sinking sand and mirey muck, cleansed me from all of my affliction. Some self imposed, some from others. You washed me, scrubbed me in the darkest recesses of my heart, anointed me with fresh hope and renewed purpose, and made everything that had turned dull and lifeless begin to shine with Your bright light.

I have been transformed into a reflection of You.

And there’s more transformation to come. I desire to walk like You, talk like You, love like You, and carry Your Presence into every space that my feet tread.

Papa, You are my everything. My whole life is in You and flows from You. I desire to be intertwined with Your Presence all the days of my life. The world has nothing to offer me that compares to being safe and secure in You.

I surrender afresh this morning all that I am, all that I have, and all that I will ever do over to You. Have Your way in every area of my life Lord. I hold nothing back from You.

In Jesus’s Name,


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