As the Weather Turns Vicious

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh new start. A brand new day to rise and run into the ready, open arms of Jesus!

There’s a place where you can turn when the wind speeds roar.

There’s a sacred space you can enter when the floodwaters begin to rise.

There’s a covering for you when the rain begins to pound.

There’s a secret place that’s not such a secret.

He is available, arms open wide for you no matter the stormy weather.

He’s a steady calm. He’s a solid Rock.

He’s the One who was asleep in the boat. Not because He didn’t care, but because there is safety wherever He resides.

All those in the boat with Him were under His care and He offered Holy protection. The disciples in the boat with him were completely safe and secure when they were near to Jesus.

The storm still raged. The rain poured down, but when they cried out for His help, He got up and spoke to the elements that were causing them fear.

Wind, quiet. Rain, quiet. Be still. No more of your noise that turns men’s hearts from courage to fear.

These men had already witnessed the supernatural. They had witnessed the feeding of thousands. They had seen demons cast out of people, very ill people become well, and heard the comforting Word preached from the Word Himself.

They were in the boat with the One who created the sea, and the wind, and the waves in the first place.

And yet they were subject to fear, and in the moment when the wind started to rage against their boat, they had a choice to make.

1. Partner with the fear and begin to panic forgetting all they’ve witnessed and all they’ve experienced with the Lord.

2. Speak truth to their soul. They could have reminded themselves and also one another, “We have nothing to fear. We are in the boat with the Lord. We are in the boat with the One whom we’ve seen heavens open and God speak aloud, “This is my Son in whom I’m well pleased.” We are in the boat with the One whom can speak to demons and they go. We are in the boat with the One whom heals the sick with just a touch or a word. We are with the One whom JUST fed a crowd of thousands with a few fish and loaves of bread. We have nothing to fear. We’ve experienced His Goodness, His Mercy, and His Power!

But they chose fear instead.

And Jesus rebukes them for it. He’s shocked at their stubborn unbelief even after all they’ve experienced with Him.

How can they still partner with fear?

Partnering with fear will cause you to forget every miracle God has worked in your life.

Partnering with fear will cause you to lose the impartation of peace that Jesus has given you.

Partnering with fear steals the abundant life that God has for you.

The storms I speak of could be literal or they could be the storms of life. Both can cause us to be face to face with fear and it’s nasty lies.

Here in Florida, we are in the path of Hurricane Ian. The opportunity for fear to slip into our soul is found in each hurricane related newscast, social media updates, and even uninvited weather alerts that come through similar to an Amber alert. So even if you have chosen to avoid the news and socials to protect your soul from fear, the alerts come through in the form of National Weather Alerts.

The storm is imminent. But my soul is calm. The storm is coming, yet I am at peace. There is a greater force on the inside of me than there is coming towards me. I have the very Spirit of Christ Himself on the inside of me! If He sleeps through the storm knowing all is well, then I will be at peace as well.

We will lean into Him. We have collected the supplies. Bought the flashlights. Filled the gas tanks. Purchased the food and water. And now we let the peace of Christ be the ruler over our mind, will, and emotions.

My Lord is the Only One who can speak into me. I will not partner with the loud, blaring, scary reports.

I will flee to my Lord and ask for fresh doses of steady peace that I can receive and that I can then pour into others who need it.

I serve a Mighty God who goes before me, behind me, and is INSIDE of me. Of whom shall I fear?

Dear Heavenly Father,

You are goooooooood. You are my provider, my safety, my Lord, my King, the One that I serve. I look to You for shelter. I look to You for all that I need. I look to You for steady doses of peace and strength to ride out any storm. You are my anchor. My solid Rock. I thank You for the abundant life of peace no matter the weather.

In Jesus’s Name, Amen.

Blessings and Safety in Jesus,

Vanessa Lynn

And if you came across this post and you haven’t yet accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior, may I encourage you that by choosing Him you receive eternal life in heaven, BUT ALSO abundant life NOW. Following Him is the most precious adventure you have ever taken!! All you have to do to get started is to pray and receive Him as Lord. The Bible says to confess Jesus Christ as Lord and believe with your heart the precious gospel message that Jesus taught. Repent of your sins which means simply to ask Jesus to forgive you and then choose to walk away from them and go in the New Direction that God is calling you to. Confess or speak that you believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God who died for you, that He was resurrected from the dead, and ascended to heaven. And that you recieve Him as your Lord and Savior. That you are sorry for your sins and you recieve His FULL and complete forgiveness for every wrong you’ve ever committed. And that you are choosing to follow Him now and leave the ways of the world behind for the things of Jesus!!! And if you mean that with your heart, you are saved and set free to live a new life free of sin! The Bible says you are now a brand new creation! Old things have passed away and new things have come!!! The Bible also says that all of heaven rejoices whenever a person is saved!!!! Just imagine the party being held in heaven on your behalf right now!!

3 thoughts on “As the Weather Turns Vicious

  1. I was thinking of the same passage last night and praying for you all and some other friends in Florida. Praying the winds decrease instead of the other way around.
    The angel of the Lord encamps round about those who fear Him and rescues them. Psalm 34:7

  2. Great analogy that through the physical storms or the emotional ones in life we have the choice to trust in God’s safety and faithfulness.

    I know I’m behind on blog reading but so thankful for you and your family’s safety!

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