Hurricane Update Day 7: Hope and Recovery

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh new start. And all things can be restored.

Everything we surrender over to God, He will touch and renew and redeem.

Everything we let go of and release unto Him, He will faithfully do a creative work in it.

Pain in your soul, offer it to the One who can make the deepest gashes whole again.

Fear in your heart, lift it up and receive courage from the throneroom.

Anger over circumstances, tell Him and He will perform Holy surgery to pull it out and it’s root system that is trying to strangle your purpose.

Unforgiveness towards people, be willing to unclench your teeth and uncross your arms and let the offense go, so that justice can be the Lord’s.

Hidden sin, bring into the light where all darkness must flee and shadows get cast out.

Trauma events that won’t stop playing on repeat, bring them to the Lord who can hit stop on the constant reel.

Constant worry about the future, remind your soul that every single plan of God’s for you is for good and not evil. He plans to prosper you richly as you seek Him with all of your heart.

He is able to handle every single bit of your weary, hurting, worry stricken soul. Give it to Him.

He won’t take what’s not offered or surrendered, but when You hand it over, He will move and shift and lovingly begin a restoration of the dead or dying parts of your life.

With this hurricane, God will turn it around for good.

It’s what He does! The darkest night is followed by a sunrise.

The wilderness was followed by the promised land.

The crucifixion was followed by the resurrection!

He makes beauty from the worst of the worst.

And we are beginning to see recovery and hope of the future emerge from the debris.

On day 7 post hurricane, we still have no power. I learned that I could make toast on the grill!

And a slice of normalcy returned when the dentist called and said that the twins dental appointments were still a go!

So we drove to Fort Myers which is about a 30 min drive normally, but it took much longer because many traffic lights are still out.

And then after the appointment, we really struggled to find a route back home. With so many traffic lights out, the police and National Guard are stationed at them, and to make it safer and easier, they’ve blocked off all left turns.

Let that sink in, left turns are pretty much non existent at large intersections. So you have to go straight or turn right and find a place to make a u turn.

Yesterday, the traffic went on for miles after I turned right, and I started to feel stuck in Fort Myers.

The kids and I pulled into a Lowe’s to give me a chance to find an alternate way home, and to buy a few things we needed.

The boys each asked to buy a new plant. They spent forever choosing their plant and then another eternity picking a pot.

But as we checked out, they were clutching their pots with joy. And I saw hope.

I saw hope in them and I also saw hope all around the Lowes. People with drying fans to dry up water, wet vacs, aluminum, generators, and even landscaping supplies.

People are restoring, recovering, and rebuilding.

It’s been a week. The floodwaters have receded. The shock is slowing turning to resolve to clean up and recover.

Here are my boys with their new plants of hope standing next to a pile of debris taller than them. But the plant will grow and the debris will decay. Hope will grow and hopelessness will be chased away.

Things will get better and better and better!

And we will be stronger than ever. Resilient and our roots of faith will grow deep and strong.

Paul had encouragement for the church in Rome regarding trials. He said that there was even glory in our sufferings.

And then He also promised that God would work even the darkest losses for good.

And like a seed that is plunged into darkness and must break apart to produce new life, so the deepest trials of our life can produce fruit when given over to the Author of Life.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You for restoration and hope. Thank You for what You do and how You work to create a new dawn into even in the darkest night. Thank You that our community will recover, rebuild, and be restored. Thank You for the light breaking forth!

In Jesus’s Name,


Blessings and Recovery,

Vanessa Lynn

And if you came across this post and you haven’t yet accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior, may I encourage you that by choosing Him you receive eternal life in heaven, BUT ALSO abundant life NOW. Following Him is the most precious adventure you have ever taken!! All you have to do to get started is to pray and receive Him as Lord. The Bible says to confess Jesus Christ as Lord and believe with your heart the precious gospel message that Jesus taught. Repent of your sins which means simply to ask Jesus to forgive you and then choose to walk away from them and go in the New Direction that God is calling you to. Confess or speak that you believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God who died for you, that He was resurrected from the dead, and ascended to heaven. And that you recieve Him as your Lord and Savior. That you are sorry for your sins and you recieve His FULL and complete forgiveness for every wrong you’ve ever committed. And that you are choosing to follow Him now and leave the ways of the world behind for the things of Jesus!!! And if you mean that with your heart, you are saved and set free to live a new life free of sin! The Bible says you are now a brand new creation! Old things have passed away and new things have come!!! The Bible also says that all of heaven rejoices whenever a person is saved!!!! Just imagine the party being held in heaven on your behalf right now!!

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  1. I’m sure the traffic problems must have been difficult, but I’m glad your boys were able to find these plants of hope, and that you were able to see the other customers at Lowe’s pushing forward in a positive direction. May God continue to bless you all with strength, peace, hope, and love for one another.

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