DAY 22: Who is Jesus? BRIDEGROOM

Good Morning Gorgeous!

The baby born in Bethlehem that left His seat on high to take on human form and redeem you is ALSO preparing the ultimate celebration for those who remain in faith all the way to the end!

There is a wedding feast in store for us!!!

Just as Boaz redeemed Ruth by paying the price for her property and redeemed her story by marrying her for all to see. He elevated her status from widow and foreigner to wife, mother, and sealed into the Jewish faith. He saved her and then celebrated her!

Friends, you may be reading this and feeling discouraged because things are not fully restored in your family or your life. You may have been faithfully following Jesus for a long time or a short time, and just feeling lonely and disappointed with how things in life have played out so far.

You may not feel restored, filled with joy, or hopeful.

Friends, may I encourage you! We are going to be sitting at a wedding feast with Jesus Christ as His bride and He will be the groom! He is going to celebrate ALL who have placed their faith in Him and made Him their Lord and Savior by feasting with us.

He is going to celebrate with us when all sorrow and pain is erased and those who kept the faith in Him will be the spotless, bride of Christ fully redeemed and restored.

This is another amazing truth of Jesus that is sooo hard to fathom.

But check out the scriptures!

You may read these and have a hard time even imagining such a celebration.

How could this be?

Is this promise really for me?

Do you love Jesus? Then read this scripture!!

Friends, we CAN’T even imagine it because it’s beyond our scope of anything we have ever experienced before! The Lord has such beauty in store for you. This life is so temporary, so short and fleeting. But for those who love the Lord, there are truly amazing things planned for us for all of eternity!

A few more scriptures to illustrate this!

John the Baptist refers to Jesus as the bridegroom.

Jesus calls the kingdom of heaven like a wedding banquet.

And the book of Revelation, blesses all those invited to the wedding supper. That’s us!!

This is our amazing future. We have NOTHING to fear in Christ. There is an amazing future ahead for us!

Just as the people of God expectantly waited for His birth into the earth, so we wait expectantly for Him to return and fully restore the Kingdom of God.

And we will celebrate with Him as His redeemed, restored, spotless bride.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Give us mindsets that keep us eternally focused. Help us to see the earth through the eyes of heaven. Help us to boldly proclaim the hope of Jesus to others this Christmas. Help us to view our temporary afflictions as just that temporary. Remind our spirits that there is truly joy up ahead and help us to cling to the promises in Your Word that we are Your Bride and you are preparing a great wedding celebration for us!

In Jesus’s name, Amen.

Zac and Makaela Camp, the worship leaders from my church, wrote and recorded this song. It is such a beautiful depiction of what Christ does for us. Remember, you are His bride and He is the bridegroom who redeemed you.


Vanessa Lynn

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