Day 23: Who is Jesus? I AM the MORNING STAR

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh new start! A new day to grow in our knowledge and revelation of who Jesus is!

It’s Christmas time all around the world, people are gearing up to celebrate His birth! 

Who is He? Who is Jesus?

I have three names left to share in this Advent Series. 

And these names are all very powerful because they are Names Jesus call Himself!

When the Lord of the whole Universe tells us who He is, I feel like that’s an important statement to study and meditate on!

Today’s name is found in Revelation. We get a glimpse of a what glory is still to come!

Jesus says, “I am the Bright Morning Star.”

In Revelation, Jesus is speaking to the Churches and He gives them this promise which is a promise for us as well:

To the One who overcomes and is Victorious, I will give the morning star.

Then, later in the last chapter of Revelation near the end, He reveals Himself as the Bright Morning Star!

He affirms that the book of Revelation is true and from Jesus, Himself!

He gives so many of His Names in Revelation, and many of them connect the Old Testament prophecies and the gospels together in a beautiful, completed picture of love and restoration.

He promises to give those who are victorious the morning star and then He reveals that star to be Himself.

Friends, a morning star is the brightest light in the sky in the early morning before the sun rises. It is the planet of Venus and it appears to shines brighter than all of the stars in the sky. It doesn’t twinkle like stars, but instead appears as a steady, constant glow in the dark before the rising sun and in the evenings after the sun sets.It’s a light that outshines the rest and is noticeable for its brilliance amidst the dark.

Jesus will be the source of light in heaven. He is the Bright Morning Star who outshines all darkness and He is brighter than any counterfeit light.

What God creates,                                                                                            satan distorts.

In the Old Testament we read that satan was referred to as a morning star who was cast from heaven. And, satan was charged with becoming filled with pride and trying to become like God. What we find throughout the entire Bible is example after example of satan taking God’s perfect design and trying to offer people a cheap counterfeit that strips them of God’s perfect and best for them.

But in the end, Jesus restores ALL back to perfect order and He states very clearly for all to hear.


When Jesus names Himself the Bright Morning Star in Revelation, it is capitalized and Jesus is clarifying that, “He is the Real Deal.” He is the authentic and true Light.  He is Lord. He is who He says He is. And when satan is described as the morning star it is lower case.

Satan may have been a type of morning star as we know he was an angel who led worship and was very beautiful, but even in his angelic state prior to his fall of pride and being cast down, he was never EVER comparable to the ONE Bright Morning Star who simply speaks and His light manifests.

Here in this final chapter of Revelation, Jesus says,

“I AM the root and offspring of David and I AM the Bright Morning Star.”

These names are related to the other name Jesus gives Himself which is simply, “I am”.

Tomorrow we will dig deeper into I AM.

Wow! Wow! Wow!

Jesus is so so clear about WHO He is!

He is the Lord Himself who came in flesh as a baby born right into the messy, sin filled world. He came to be the light of the whole world, cleansing it from all iniquity, healing sickness, casting out darkness and demonic oppression, and setting the captives FREE!

He is STILL doing these miracles through Holy Spirit filled believers today.

He is the Morning Star! The bright and steady light that is faithful and true.

He is both Lord and Savior.

He is Redeemer and King.

He is both the Sacrificial Lamb and the Triumphant One.


You can trust Him!

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You for the miracle of Jesus’s Birth! Thank You for mysteries far beyond our comprehension. Thank You for who You are and what YOU are doing in us this Christmas Season. Thank You for cleansing us and preparing us to recieve a fresh revelation of who Jesus is and how much He loves us! Thank You for the fullness of You in Father, Son, and Holy Spirit! Let us recieve in full measure!

In Jesus’s Name, Amen.

Blessings and fresh revelation,

Vanessa Lynn

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