Oh THEY Know!!!

Good Morning Again Gorgeous Child of the Living God!!!

It’s a brand new day! A fresh new start!

I am back in school today! Back in my classroom, and there was a precious gift sitting on my desk greeting me when I walked in.

I opened it to find the most heartfelt gifts!

Inside there was this beautiful prayer journal, a Starbucks gift card, and cookies.

But what is so precious, what is setting my soul on fire this morning is that they KNOW!

They know about my faith. They know I love the Lord Jesus. BUT I never told them!

I met them in the car line helping their sweet boys transition to class each morning when kindergarten was a brand new thing for their boys.

I get to greet them each morning now with a smile or a wave as they have grown so much and now walk to class by themselves.

I see them on the baseball field sometimes when I am at the field with my twins.

And we haven’t talked about our faith. Yet, they recognized the Lord in me.

This gets me so fired up for Jesus!

The Bible says we will be known by our fruit!

That you will be recognized as a follower of Christ by the fruit that grows.

Here are Jesus’s Words!

And what is the fruit? Apostle Paul tells us what the fruit is that a Christ Follower will produce.

And to clarify…….These fruits are NOT ME, I don’t get any credit at all.

These fruits are JESUS!

If you see anything anything good in me, you are seeing Jesus.

And when I fail, don’t blame Jesus. That’s me!

Anything good that flows from me is HIM.

And so I write this quick post just to remind you all that people are watching you. They listen to how you speak, what you do, and how you move in the earth.

And if Jesus can impact this beautiful family and their boys just by the simple act of me opening their car door each morning at school, Wow do we serve a mighty God who can use a willing vessel anywhere!

Be a willing vessel today!

Show up at the grocery store ready to share your fruit of peace and patience and gentleness with someone today.

Show up at work ready to share love and kindness with someone who needs it.

Show up for your kids today with extra fruit of patience and self control.

Show up for your spouse with love and joy today.

Let the fruit of Jesus be enjoyed by ALL who are blessed to encounter you today!

Father God,

Let our fruit grow large and delicious. Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, and self control. Let these fruits be a sign to others that we belong to YOU Lord and not the world. Lord, let people who encounter us today get what they need from You. A dose of love or an encouraging Word or a gentle reassurance. Lord, let our fruit be a sustenance for those who encounter us today to get a touch from You. May they feast on our fruit and get filled by You Jesus.

In Jesus’s Name,


Blessings and fruitfulness to each of you!


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