Do you believe EVERY WORD of Jesus Christ?

Good Morning Gorgeous!

It’s a brand new day!  A fresh new start!

And yes I’m shouting!

I feel so much joy, so much peace, so much anticipation in my spirit for all that God is doing, will do, and is up to!

I have a revelation that has come alive in my spirit.

He is WHO He says He is! He will DO what HE says He will do!

Sometimes we read the Bible as if it were a storybook of old. But it is a book of NOW!

A book for TODAY!

The promises, the miracles, the Living Waters poured out as Holy Language through His Holy Spirit, the ministry of deliverance, the healing, the close intimacy with Jesus where we actually hear His voice… ALL of it is AVAILABLE to us!

It’s what Jesus came to earth to give to us. It’s the whole Christmas story. Our Father who art in Heaven left His place on High to redeem His people, bring in all those who choose Him, and then pour out His own spirit on ALL flesh who surrender to Him and believe in Him.

And now that we have the Holy Spirit, we have the same power as Jesus. Its NOT our power, its HIS!  But it’s in us and it flows through us as willing vessels.

It seems scandalous, almost wrong, almost borderline blasphemy to claim to have the power of Jesus. BUT THESE ARE HIS WORDS!

These are His Words so to reject them because we don’t understand or because we don’t feel worthy is to reject the very Holy Inheritance that He gave His life for.

I shared with a friend a few of Jesus’s Words recently and he said that it was all in how we interpret it.

I disagree.

Jesus said it and He meant it.

I don’t believe idle words left Christ’s mouth. I believe He meant every last Word.

Sometimes He spoke in parables, with deeper meanings.

But other times He spoke clearly, directly, with no hidden message. Just a holy promise and direct instruction for those who believed and would later believe in Him.

And these times when He spoke so clearly there were three crowds.

And the same three crowds exist today.

1. The religious crowd who rejected the truth no matter how clearly He spoke. They rejected it because they couldn’t understand what He was saying. And they couldn’t understand because their spiritual eyes were closed. They had eyes but couldn’t see and ears but couldn’t hear. They knew the scriptures, spent their whole lives studying them, but when the TRUTH stood before them, they rejected HIM.  (Are you rejecting His Word today because it seems to amazing to be true? Are you rejecting His Power in your life because you haven’t seen it with your own eyes? Are you rejecting it because you don’t understand it?)

2. Those who believed it just as He taught it and they received FULL healing, FULL anointing, FULL NEW LIFE, and FULLNESS of the Outpouring of Holy Spirit. They simply believed and they received soooooo much more than the religious folk of the day who were self righteous and did all the “right” things. But those who simply just believed were the ones who received to the fullest! They are the ones who preached the first gospel, who walked in the same authority as Jesus and healed the sick, released those who were demon oppressed, and brought new believers into the faith. Who did God trust with His precious gospel?

Those who simply believed.

3. And the 3rd crowd were the dismissive, unbelieving crowd. There were most likely those who just continued on with status quo as if the Messiah didn’t just walk among them. Those who lived among the people, but didn’t care to push pause on the daily grind to find out about who this Jesus was and recieve what He wanted to give them. They were simply busy with life and didn’t have time to stop and go find out what the talk was all about. They would figure it out later when they had time. Problem is many of them probably never did make the time to go to one of His gatherings where He was teaching. They heard of the miracles, but never felt compelled to go see for themselves. They just dismissed Him completely and continued to carry the heavy burden of their daily lives on their own shoulders not realizing their was a Savior who was in their midst willing to carry their burdens, heal their diseases, and save them from their sins.

We still meet these same crowds today.

People who are too religious, wrapped in tradition, or holding onto denominational beliefs over what the Bible clearly says. This prevents them from receiving the fullness of what Jesus died to give them. People who accept their own version of Jesus that is comfortable and fits into their lives over total surrender and abandonment to who He is and what He wants to do in their lives. Modern day Pharisees who hold tight to traditions or church teachings over the life altering Words and Actually QUITE RADICAL teachings of Jesus Christ.

And also we see….

People who dismiss Jesus and try to make it on their own without Him. They’ve heard, but are too busy or hurt to seek Him out for themselves.

And then there are….

People who are hungry and thirsty for ALL Jesus will give them. They go after Him and believe the red letter Words. They may not understand it completely, and they may not have even seen Him move in power yet, but they believe if He said it, then it’s true!

These are the people He uses.

People who simply BELIEVE!

The ONLY requirement. BELIEF

The ONLY qualifier BELIEF.

Not schooling, not birthright, not religiousness, or being part of the right denomination….  that is NOT what Jesus said anyway. Those are man’s additions to the Word of God.

Here is what drives the religious people crazy today just like it did in Jesus’s time.. He chooses ordinary people who will simply believe His Word even when it makes no sense at all!

As those ordinary people believe Him right as His Word and start to move in the earth with boldness, they see miracles break out!

Yes, even today!

These are the very Words of Jesus and not only are they HIS Words, they are some of HIS FINAL Words!

With my own eyes, I have experienced and seen the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

With my own eyes, I’ve seen the dead raised back to life.

With my own eyes, I’ve seen deliverance from demons.

And this is not supposed to be RARE, this is supposed to be the normal walk of the believer of Jesus Christ..

Don’t let what you haven’t seen yet stop you from believing.

Before I saw a dead man raise to life, I believed God could raise him and I began to call on God for a miracle.

Before I saw the baptism of the Holy Spirit, I read about it in the book of ACTS and I studied Peter’s sermon. I read the words all flesh and this is for those that are far off

And I chose to believe what I had never seen and what I didn’t even understand, and God led me to a church where I saw Holy Spirit baptisms and eventually experienced the Holy Spirit baptism for myself.

But my belief preceded my experience. I believed before I saw. But God is so so merciful, if you ask Him to show you, He will! Reminds me of doubting Thomas. He had to see the holes in Jesus’s Hands, and Jesus was merciful and showed him. He also said blessed are those who simply believe without seeing first.

But because Jesus was and is so merciful, Thomas STILL experienced Jesus in power, because after Jesus showed him Thomas DID BELIEVE!

So before you dismiss the parts of Jesus’s teachings that you don’t understand, ASK HIM in prayer to show you. Ask Him to reveal to you the truths that He wants to lead you to. He promised that the Holy Spirit would be our teacher who would guide us in all truth. Open yourself up to the Lord and ask Him hard questions.

Even though Thomas doubted, he still asked and he still believed! He didn’t dismiss Jesus and say, “No that’s too hard to understand. I’m just gonna believe what’s comfortable.” He opened up his heart and believed what Jesus was telling him and showing him.

I encourage you to take Jesus at His Word and believe every single thing He taught, even the hardest of His sermons. Just believe even without seeing.

But if you struggle to believe, ask the Lord in prayer to show you. He will. He is faithful.

Just believe the Words of the Lord Jesus Christ and begin to pray and be bold like you really believe mountains will move, people will be set free, addictions will flee, illness will go, and people will be set on fire for Jesus. Pray like that with faith and in the mighty Name of Jesus! And YOU WILL SEE miracles!

Dear Heavenly Father,

Wow! Wow! Wow! I stand in such AWE of YOU! You are exactly who You say You are. You do exactly what You said You will do. You are the same yesterday, today, and always. You change not! You are an active, im the midst of our lives, living God! You are a powerful miracle working God. You have anointed Your people with Power. May we fully believe it, receive it, and pour it out as we evangelize to the nations!

In Jesus’s Name,


Blessings and the fullness of Christ in your life,

Vanessa Lynn

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