Our Christmas Break in Pictures

Hi Gorgeous Friends!

This is just a fun post to share our Christmas Break photos!

We had a long break. It was 2 and a half weeks and we soaked up every minute.

We went back to school two days ago, but sharing our adventures here!

Annual trip to Busch Gardens
Stockings for 7
Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt
My oldest daughter and I on Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve service. It was coooooold. The news said to beware of falling iguanas. They freeze in Florida and fall from trees!
Christmas Eve dinner
Bible Reading on Christmas Eve

I designed the presents into a train. 🙂
Christmas Morning
Cotton Candy Machine: All five kids played together with this gift!
Chuck was happy with his coffee bean grinder and whole beans

Dirt bikes for the twins
Chuck gave me some new equipment for creating videos. Junior wanted to go live.
Cinderella Carriage
Junior and I
We had a homemade Ramen Night
I put all of the toppings on the table and we topped our own Ramen
Nia picked blue hair for her next style. I’m still only halfway done braiding it.
My mom and my sister
One morning, I went and sat by the river and spent time with Jesus
Chuck’s not really a cat person and this cat used to be ferel! They are getting along nicely!
We babysat this kitty over break.  🙂 We have 5 cats, and this guy made 6.  🙂
I revamped and refreshed my store.
Nia can make anything fun!

Chuck eased us back into our school routine by having dinner ready for us after school.
Break is over. Back to the daily grind.

Blessed, thankful, rested. We are still recovering from a nasty cough, but otherwise it was a calm relaxing break.

We stayed home, ate tons of food, played and enjoyed the slow pace.

Just a fun post to compile a few highlights of our holiday break!

Love you all and here’s to an amazing year ahead of growing in our relationship with Jesus!

Vanessa Lynn

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