Declare this Scripture when you are Waiting

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day! A fresh new start! A new day to rise and flee to safety in the Wide Open Arms of Jesus Christ!

He is for you.

He is on your side.

He has good plans ahead..plans to prosper you and not to harm you.

Plans for your future and they are beautiful plans!

He has a rescue plan in place for you!

He hears every prayer and He will LIFT you up, set you on solid ground, and walk alongside of you and use you mightily!

Prepare yourself to speak back to the enemy’s trap that he sets when we are in a waiting season.

When the enemy comes rushing you, scaring you with the lies that you’ve missed it.

Speaking his lies that you’re too late.

Speaking his lies to hurry up and make a move quickly.

Speaking his lies that you don’t have anything to offer the kingdom anyway.

Speaking his lies that you don’t have talents or gifts.

Speaking his lies that you are too weak, too shy, too average, too shady of a past, or simply too messy.

Speaking his lies that its been toooooo long of a wait. God doesn’t hear your prayers. He’s not coming to rescue you or to use you in any special way…


It is written that those who wait upon the Lord will mount up on wings like eagles! I will wait and I will soar! I will not accept the enemy’s false and fast counterfeit to God’s perfect plans for me..I am a chosen child of the King of all Kings! I will wait patiently for my breakthrough. I will wait patiently for God to show me the path to take. I will wait and worship while I wait. And my God WILL rescue me! He will anoint my head with oil. He will prepare a table for me in the presence of my enemies who said I was too much, not enough, or too messy for this anointing. God WILL pull me out of the mud of life and set me FIRMLY on the Ground! HIS Word Promises to set me firm and steady, and I choose to live by the Word of God, not by what I see or feel in the moment.

Dear Heavenly Father,
We trust You. We continue to trust YOU. We will wait on You. We will wait on You Lord. We will wait on You to save us, lift us, cleanse us, prepare us, and steady us as You send us forward. Keep us safe from the lies of the enemy when we are waiting for breakthrough.

In Jesus’s Name,

Blessings and Solid Ground,

Vanessa Lynn

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