Declare this Scripture when you are in a Trial

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh new start.

A new day to take on a fresh perspective.

A new day to grow deep roots.

A new day to serve Jesus with radical obedience.

A new day to live eternally minded.

Sometimes we view trial and struggle as if we’ve done something wrong.

Sometimes we walk through a fire and the enemy comes whispering in our ear that God is angry with us or doesn’t hear our prayers for relief.

Sometimes the trials cause us to doubt if God sees us.

Sometimes we wonder, “Why me Lord? Why now?”

Speak back to the doubt and the enemy’s lies with!

It is written that trials of this life bring refining. I am only here on this earth temporarily and with my Savior for all of eternity. Troubles in this life will NOT shake me! Rather they will strengthen and grow me in my faith. They will give me opportunities to flex my faith muscles and to grow endurance in the Lord. I will choose steadfast faith regardless of the weather or the storm or the elements.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Give us fresh spiritual eyes to have JOY even in trial. Joy comes from within from You. Lord teach us to access joy. Teach us to keep our eyes fixed on You. Teach us to view trials from an eternal perspective where every battle is won and remind us afresh today this is not our home. We are merely passing through. Strengthen us Lord and give us every spiritual blessing and equipping we need to endure!

In Jesus’s Name, Amen.

Blessings and steadfast endurance,

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