Declare this Scripture when it’s hard to read your Bible

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh new start and all things are being made new!

God has brand new mercies for you today. New strength. A new Word fresh and life giving for you.

God has plans for you to feel joy and peace right in the midst of whatever you are facing today.

And God’s Word has promises, truth, cleansing, and healing available to you.

The enemy will subtly try to separate you from receiving the life giving, life changing Word of God.

He will attempt to make you too busy to read it.
He will attempt to get you to believe that the Bible has parts that are no longer relevant or important for you to know today.
He will try to make it difficult to attend church or bible study.
He will work hard to separate you from receiving the Word of God.

Why? Because the Word is a powerful weapon in your life! It will shape you, mold you, remove the parts that are hurting you, refresh you, revive you, renew your mind, give you strength, peace, power, and an anchor to the truth!

The Word is a Weapon!

Next time you feel like skipping or missing an opportunity to hear the Word or read the Word or grow in the Word.

Speak Back!

It is written! The Word of God is alive and active. My Bible is the very breath of God breathed into the scriptures. It is the Lord Himself working in me as I read and learn and grow in it. It is a Weapon the Lord has entrusted to me to use to defeat the enemy. My Bible is a weapon against the lies, accusations, and schemes of the enemy. I will spend time in the Word because that’s where I will meet with God and He will perform whatever surgery my heart needs to be set right and made whole and strong.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You that You didn’t leave us in the dark. You gave us Your Word. Instructions and life giving truth that is breathed by You and comes alive in us as we read and study! Thank You that we can come and drink and eat from Your Word as often as we would like. That You have restricted NO GOOD thing from us, but provided all we need for abundant life in You.

Thank You Lord! May we never take the Written Word for granted.

In Jesus’s Name,


Vanessa Lynn

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