Declare this Scripture when you are Tempted to Curse

Good Morning Gorgeous Woman of God,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh new start!

His mercies are brand new today. Today is a new chance to run to His Arms and stay awhile.

A new day to let Him fill you up afresh. A new day to rise and be encouraged by the Word of the Lord.

Today is a new day to use your words for good!

Today is a fresh new start to allow your tongue to speak blessings over curses.

To build up and never tear down.

The enemy tries to trip us up with our tongue. He tempts us to say things that will make us partner with his schemes. Our tongue carries life or death, blessing or curse. We also carry the power to speak healing prayers, to cast out demons in the Name of Jesus, and to praise the Lord. Our tongue has POWER, and the enemy tries to get us to use our tongue to destroy ourselves and others. If he can get us to speak hurtful words, curse, or even speak bad things over ourselves, then we partner with his plans to steal, kill, and destroy.

Next time you are tempted to use your tongue to speak evil, gossip, curse, say mean things about yourself or your abilities, or to yell in a fit of rage….

Speak Back!!!!!

It is written! There is tremendous creative power on my tongue. I am made in the image of the Lord and when He speaks sea and land separate, light appears, plants appear, and life comes into existence. My words are powerful tools to build God’s kingdom or to tear it down. I will use my words for goodness today. I will bless others even those who hurt me, curse me, or upset me. I will be the gatekeeper of my tongue, and it will speak LIFE. I will speak words that are kind, patient, life giving, and gooood. My words will be an encouragement to others and myself today.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Equip me for every good work today. Help me to speak life in every situation. Help me to speak love even when it’s hard. Help me to only speak with patience and love over myself and others.

In Jesus’s Name,

Blessings and abundant words of life!

Vanessa Lynn

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