Your feelings Don’t Get to Choose

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh new start!

A new day to remind your soul that you are a chosen daughter placed here on planet earth at this VERY moment in history to the exact family you are set in!

Why? BEcause you are STRONG enough to live in these times. God knew before you took your first breath what you would need to fulfill His plan on your life.

He knew the gifts and talents needed.

He knew the geographic location.

He knew the time in history.

He knew the family you would be born into so that you could be the one to break the cycle of dysfunction.

He knew. He knew. And He has never taken His eyes off of you. Not once and He never will.

Today you may feel weak, uncomfortable, out of place, or simply tired of the battlefield.

Your feelings are deceiving.

They will tell you its too hard.

You’re not enough.

You lack what’s needed to proceed.

Or what you do isn’t making a difference.

Your feelings will say why bother?

Or I can’t continue or I don’t have what it takes. Or the world is too dark. I’m too young. I’m too old. I have no talent. And on and on.

Your feelings of inadequacy and your tired soul do not get to choose your destiny.

You must get up.

You must keep showing up.

You must set your gaze back upon the gentle, merciful eyes of Christ and receive His strength today.

Push through the feelings and don’t let them choose.

Your feelings don’t get to choose your destiny! Don’t partner with them!

Choose to partner with the Word of the Lord every day regardless of your feelings.

The truth of the Word of the Lord says:

You can. You will. You are chosen for this. You’ve come into the earth for such a time as this! You must keep going!

And today may the Word of the Lord remind you that:

In your weakness, Christ is strong!

You can do the impossible with Christ who strengthens you.

Your life is an offering back up to the Lord, may it be pleasing to Him.

Choosing to partner with the plan of the Lord daily over the fleeting feelings that come and go will lead you to victory again and again!

Dear Heavenly Father,

Fresh Revelation that this walk is NOT about how we feel today. We are to be set on solid rock that is unshakeable with the weather of the day. Lord, may our roots grow deep so that we can flourish in times of drought and also times of rain. May we be a steadfast people that are grounded in the Word and not shaken by the way our feelings want to go.

In Jesus’s Name,


Blessings and steadfastness,

Vanessa Lynn

I’m teaching this Thursday on how to maintain your freedom and deliverance! Come and join me to learn how to use your voice to rebuild the walls to protect your promised land!

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