Step outta that Comfort Zone!!!!

Good Morning Gorgeous!!!

It’s a brand new day! A fresh new start and all things are becoming NEW!

New day.

New level.

New mercies..

New assignments.

New ways of doing things.

And with NEW sometimes comes fear of inadequacy or struggles that you won’t be able to do the new things as well as the old.

Woman of God! You can do hard things because Christ lives inside of you.

Woman of God! You can do NEW things because there’s fresh grace and anointing for this assignment!

Yesterday, I walked into my classroom and the phone was ringing.

It was the assistant principal and she needed me to cover a classroom and sub for the day.

Almost our exact conversation…

“Sure I can cover. You know you can count on me to do what is needed.”

To this she replied, “I need you in kindergarten.”

I paused. I ran the scenario of a day of Kinder through my mind in a matter of seconds and I say, “Um…. you know I will do anything you need including this, but is there any other grade that needs a sub today?”

Nope. She needed me in K. I told her I would do it and headed to the office smiling knowing God was stretching me! There was a moment where she really tried to switch me to a 5th grade room, but I believe God wanted me in that K classroom, so the switch didn’t work out.

I got my keys and off to a day of NEW!

My teaching certificate is K to 6th, but I kid you not, when I first got it almost 20 years ago, I asked if I could just have 1st through 6th on my license because I was afraid of being hired for Kindergarten!

I’ve always put myself in a box of being an intermediate teacher. Give me all the big kids. I have a squeamish stomach and struggle with some of the “things” that come with a class of littles.

But God!

I think He just wanted to teach me a life lesson yesterday. Step out! Try something NEW. Don’t discount what you’ve never done.

Here I am 19 years into my career as an elementary school teacher, and I’ve never taught Kindergarten or covered for a Kindergarten class.

Until yesterday!

And I LOVED it!

Granted…… the class was extremely well behaved. The teacher had all the routines well practiced and in place.

But these kids were awesome. We got through all of the lessons. We giggled during story time. I read this book and we had so much fun repeating the lines together.

The kids were fun. They drew me tons of artwork during their indoor recess time. They are K, so they showered me with you’re nice, you’re the best teacher, I love having you here, etc. Sooo sweet!

We did a guided drawing and they wrote sentences.

They were just a JOY to teach!!

And just like that God showed me that sometimes we put ourselves into these boxes and hinder our own growth.

Step out my friends!

Join the Bible study, pray in public, preach the Word, talk to someone about your faith, write the book, make the hard phone call, try a new thing, come out of the shadows and be seen!!

Do the things you thought you never could or never even wanted to!

Dear Heavenly Father,

You have the BEST ways of drawing us out and into NEW things. You also don’t leave us to make it on our own. You strengthen us, equip us, pour anointing without holding back. You are gooooooodddddd and FOR US! Always moving us forward, ahead, and into new expressions of Your design for us. Here is my life. ALL YOURS! I trust Your leading and I trust Your design. I trust Your assignments and Your plans. Here I am Lord, surrendered and willing to live this life our YOUR WAY!

In Jesus’s Name,


Blessings and Newness,

Vanessa Lynn

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