Prayer of truth over your feelings

Good Morning Gorgeous Women of the Most High God!

He is Lord over everything. He is the One who can speak to the feeling, the lie, the searing pain and bring healing, hope, and proper alignment.

This was my prayer to Him this morning. It was a reminder to my soul that He will be the One who will speak to the pain. And His Words will be TRUTH.

Good Morning Papa,

When the pain is deep. You’ll be my safe place to run.

When I say…

I feel lost, You’ll say I’m found.

I feel scared, You’ll say You’re always with me.

I feel lonely, You’ll say I’m right here.

I feel weak and powerless, You’ll say that Your living on the inside of me.

I feel so broken, You’ll say I’ve been made whole.

I feel so tired and weary, You’ll say come and find true rest.

I feel stuck in cycles, You’ll say that its safe to push stop.

I feel so unworthy because of past sins, You’ll say the debt is paid.

I feel ill equipped for the call, You’ll say that Your power works best through my weakness

I feel not ready, You’ll say I was born for such a time as this.

Thank you Lord that You are here speaking truth to my deepest darkness.

I need You so badly. Every. Single. Moment

In Jesus’s Name, Amen.

Whatever your need is this morning, God is ready to meet You and speak truth into the feelings that don’t align to the truth of His Word.

Your feelings are deceiving and not always aligned to the truth.

Every moment you can FLEE to the arms of Jesus and receive the truth directly from Holy Spirit.

3 thoughts on “Prayer of truth over your feelings

  1. Prayers for sadness over loss of my sweet girl..SanDee, dog.

    Prayers for daughter for job and rental…financial independence. Pray she contort faith in The Lord through struggles

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