A new Day to say, “Yes…”

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh new start.

A new day to flee into the Arms of Jesus.

A new day for next level surrender..

A new day for next level obedience to the call on your life.

A new day to boldly step out and walk in destiny and promise.

A new day to say yes when the Lord says, “Come now daughter.”

A new day to say yes when the Lord says, “Pause my child, not yet.”

A new day to say yes when the Lord says, “No, that’s not for you.”

A new day to say yes when the Lord says, “You are to be set apart from the crowd.’

A new day to say yes through the discomfort, the elements, the fear, the uncharted waters, and the disappointments.

A new day to say yes to the Lord and no to anything counter to His perfect will.

And in your yes, you will find your life.

In your laying down of your will, you’ll discover His perfect will.

And in that place, God given destiny is birthed and you will move into spaces that only God could possibly orchestrate!

This is where what seems impossible, becomes possible.

Obedience causes:

Seas to split apart.
A furnace of flames to cause you NO harm.
Enemies to flee.
Provision to be unlocked.
Oil to pour and pour and pour.
Dead things to rise.
New births in unlikely circumstances.
Victory after victory.
Glory to Glory!

It’s time beautiful woman of God to move into God Given spaces!

Dear Heavenly Father,
Here we are. All for you. A people set apart and desiring to grow into all You’ve designed us to be. Lord, grow us into mature women of God bearing much fruit. Holy Spirit strengthen our self control and our obedience muscles. Help us to hear what the Lord is saying and then walk those things out with a joyful YES!

In Jesus’s Name,

Blessings and the joy of obedience to the Lord be upon you!!
Vanessa Lynn

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