Someone has been praying for you.

In the middle of the night, through tear stained cheeks,

Someone has been praying for you

In the earliest of the morning, the moment their eyelids begin to flutter open,

Someone has been praying for you

All throughout the day, there’s this continual desire for your freedom on their mind,

Someone has been praying for you

There’s barely a moment where they’re not thinking about the future available to you,

Someone has been praying for you

Again and again, day after day, it’s your name they petition the Lord to protect,

Someone has been praying for you

It’s your name they beg the Lord to have mercy on, to show You He loves,

Someone has been praying for you

It’s you they dream of making the choice to run into the Arms of Jesus,

Someone has been praying for you

When they petition the Lord, it’s your future they cry out for,

Someone has been praying for you

Grandmas, Mommas, Grandpas, Dads, Siblings, Children, Grandchildren, Aunts, Uncles, Best Friends, Neighbors, and spouses

Someone has been praying for you

These are the ones lifting up the names of loved ones and asking for a touch from heaven, asking for a new start, begging for YOUR miracle over theirs.

Someone has been praying for you

You’re being prayed into the family of God.

You’re loved and cherished by the Lord who crafted your every feature.

You’re loved by the one who has been begging the Lord to speak to You in a way you will hear and understand.

Someone has been praying for you, and now I will pray for you too.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You Lord for this precious, precious person reading this! You are a good, good Father who draws us in with Your love and Your mercy. I pray that the person reading this would have an encounter with You. That they would be brave enough to admit the areas where they need freedom, deliverance, and healing. That they would receive Your love in full measure by simply saying YES to You. Miracles Lord of Loved Ones coming into the family of faith. Capture their hearts, show them You’re real and You love them and You have a beautiful destiny planned for them. That Your plans are good and You can be trusted.

In Jesus’s Name, Amen.

Blessings and may you know the truth and receive Jesus Christ fully and completely.

6 thoughts on “Someone has been praying for you.

    1. Barb I’ll be one of those praying for you…that you feel His everlasting presence, peace and comfort and that He sorts out all things according to His will and that your trust in Him would be strengthened through the trial no matter how it turns out. He is good and faithful and in control.

    2. Good Morning Barb! Wow, God knows exactly what He is doing when He brings people into our lives. What a beautiful blessing that we can all stay connected even after covid and Alicia jumps on and begins to pray for your breakthrough!

      The Lord loves you so much Barb. He sees you. And He has an exit plan already in motion for the things that are heavy and oppressive and He has a strengthening for the places He’s called you to be steadfast.

      You are a mighty woman of God and NO weapon formed against you shall prosper! You will go forth and prevail in Jesus’s Name.

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