Do you need strength today?

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh new start.

All things are made new in a life totally surrendered over to the will and call of Christ.

When we get serious about leaving the ways of the world and fleeing to the throneroom of grace, we are met with deliverance, redemption, and a fresh fill of what Jesus has made available.

Peace the world can’t give or take away.

Abundant life which is true living where our mind is at rest and our needs are met according to the riches of Christ Jesus.

Newness of life where old ways, desires and patterns are exchanged for life giving desires that feed us and leave us fulfilled instead of desires that starve us and leave us always empty and parched.


Real, authentic JOY that is found in the Lord and not based on circumstances.

I was singing a worship song in church 2 weeks ago that just wrecked me. I had to stop sit down and start taking notes. And it was simply one line that I had heard many times before, but the revelation was fresh!

The Joy of the Lord is my strength.

It hit me NEW that morning. The Joy of the Lord is my strength!

His JOY and the JOY that He offers can be what gives me strength!

Meaning I can access it when I don’t have strength and desperately NEED strength.

The world is the complete opposite, the way of the world’s thinking is that when I get my life in order, I’ll be happy.

When all my relationships are at peace, I’ll be happy.

When I’m out of debt, my home is clean, my kids are all living right, I’ll be happy.

When ________ happens, I’ll finally get some peace and be happy.

Lie. Lie. And more lies. Those are based on circumstances and they are all fleeting like shifting sand.

Jesus has MORE for you. A JOY that is not from this world, not based on what is happening or not happening and since the world cannot GIVE this peace and joy, it has NO POWER to snatch it away either!

His JOY can actually become a source of strength that can be accessed when you are in dire need.

When you are sapped of all strength and its hard to keep going, the JOY of the Lord can be accessed to be a life source for you.

When you can’t breathe because the pain is so searing that every breath takes conscious effort, the JOY of the Lord can be the strength to keep your lungs filling with air.

When you feel too tired to keep going, the JOY of the Lord can move your feet again.

When you feel hopeless, defeated, and drained off all happiness, the JOY of the Lord can revive and bring hope back to life again.

This JOY is not an after effect of everything being just right, BUT its the CAUSE of your strength today.

This JOY is from HIM is a supernatural strengthening to keep you going in the things of the Kingdom. To keep you set apart and receiving what the world just cannot offer!

How do you receive this JOY?

It’s available in His Presence.

It’s available as an oil poured out when we spend time with Him.

It’s available as oil in our lamps given to us when we approach the throneroom of grace with surrender.

It’s available when we get real with a very real God and say, “I’m in need of what You have today Lord. I reject this world’s fleeting offering and instead receive what You’re pouring out.”

I want YOUR JOY. I desire the strengthening that comes from time with You, surrender to You, and trust in You.

Today I recognize I’ve been accepting cheap counterfeits of this world’s version of joy wrapped up in things that only provide quick fixes and minute doses of happiness that leave me hungry and empty. This world offers empty calories of happiness. I want the real authentic JOY of the Lord. The JOY that makes the tormenting thoughts flee. The JOY that causes weak things to be strengthened and dead things to rise. The JOY that can be healing, freeing, and sustaining. Pour it out Lord and teach us to take a posture to receive it today. In Jesus’s Name, Amen.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Blessings and the JOY of the Lord to be upon you,

Vanessa Lynn

2 thoughts on “Do you need strength today?

  1. Great message! It’s so awesome the way God reveals Himself to us, a bit here and a bit there. I remember looking at that verse and focusing more on the word strength when I was younger. I always just thought of it as being joy that God gives, and then one day I realized that it’s His own personal joy that He shares with us! It was very much a wow moment for me!

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